10 Korean Idols with Unusual and Unforgettable Voices

In Korea there is a show called Best Masked Singer, a project in which famous idols dress up and hide their faces behind a mask. The audience can only listen to the voices of the idols and guess who is hiding behind this or that mask. But there are also singers for whom no mask can help, because their voices are very recognizable. Here are 10 idols who haven’t been on the show yet, and if they did, they would most likely be revealed very quickly!

1. NMIXX Lily

When you close your eyes and listen to a selection of Lily singing a cappella, you can very well imagine her standing alone on the stage in front of a huge hall full of admiring fans. Her voice is truly powerful and breathtaking.

2. ONEUS Seoho

Can you copy and repeat what Seohodoes with his voice? It seems not. As a result, Seoho’s voice is easily recognizable anytime, anywhere.

3. Aespa Winter

Listen to Winter sing in the show Omniscient Brothers. With such a clear and soulful voice, she will surely record many more touching solo songs and soundtracks for the most romantic scenes in dramas.

4. ENHYPEN Heeseung

For some reason, we are sure that you will always notice Heeseung‘s parts in ENHYPEN’s songs even if you don’t know what he is singing. His strong and versatile voice really stamps itself on your memory.

5. Blackpink Jisoo

How different Jisoo’s voice is from Winter and many others! But what a pleasant, warming and memorable it is. It seems that it is definitely impossible to confuse it with others.

6. BTS V

It’s hard to predict, looking at V, that he has such a luxurious deep voice. But it’s true!

7. Kep1er Chaehyun

Kep1er obviously didn’t make a mistake in choosing the main singer, because Chaehyun‘s voice can be so different: soft, penetrating, gentle, dramatic and playful.


Although Swan suffered from mental problems before the debut of PURPLE KISS, she was able to recover and become part of the group. And we are very happy about that, because we can hear her unusual voice.

9. ATEEZ Jongho

Is it possible not to recognize this voice about cracking apples? It just seems impossible. Jongho’s voice is so strong and rich that it seems to surround you as you listen.

10. Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s voice has long been one of the main symbols of K-pop. No wonder she continues to shine on stage and excel in her solo career.

How do you like these idol voices? Could you recognize them without seeing their faces? Or do you have an idea who else you could add to this list? Suggest in the comments, if there are enough, we will make the second part of the list!