10 things you should know about Songwriter Pendrick

Pendrick is making waves in Los Angeles as the premiere songwriter on the entertainment scene. He has written for the biggest rnb/pop and rap artists like: Eric Bellinger, Saweetie & G Eazy. You should get to know him as his latest success is only the beginning .

Here Are 10 Facts About Elite Songwriter Pendrick:

  1. Pendrick is almost 4 years old! Musically that is . Before he was known as songwriter Pendrick aka Pendrick Lamar, he was known as “Mello the producer” and produced for multi-platinum artists such as august Alsina, Vedothesinger, Legendary group 112, and many many more.
  2. He decided to quit producing changed his image and only focusing on writing and became Pendrick Lamar , aka Pendrick.
  3. Originally born and raised in Flint Michigan and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia and now Los Angeles California.
  4. A military veteran. Formerly an 11B infantryman who not only served the country, but he also spent a full year in Baghdad Iraq! Hooah
  5. A father of 1 son, Makai
  6. Signed and developed his first artist and helped broker a deal with Atlantic records.
  7. Never drank alcohol. Yes, that’s right, not even a sip
  8. His secret fear is YouTube. He doesn’t have wanna fail on there.
    He owns a brand/label and publishing company. WHET ( work harder everyone’s talented) he realized everyone is honestly really good at whatever it is they do. The work ethic is what separates who you hear about and who you don’t.
  9. He is a collector of colognes. “Hoarder may be a better word.” He owns probably over 20 bottles of premium fragrances.
  10. He secretly listens to classical and chillwave frequently. He will drive around and get lost exploring or he also takes random walks/hikes in nature to get a contrast from being in the studio so much

Bonus Fact:

On Sundays he does a music Review on Instagram live and listens to new music submissions from whoever wants to send in content!

You can learn more about him: @songwriterpendrick