3 Tips for Caring for a Cycling Helmet

All bike riders are aware of the fact that they are required to wear a helmet, but not all of them know how to wear them correctly. Many bike riders do not understand the importance of wearing a helmet properly, and because of this reason, they risk their safety by being less concerned. A helmet can save your life if worn properly. Therefore, learn how to take care of your bike helmet and how to put it on properly.

You are not the only one who is wearing a helmet the wrong way. Many bike riders do not know how to do this and not just the young bike riders, but the old riders as well. Because of this reason, we asked for a few tips on how to properly wear and take care of a bike helmet from Trek’s product director April Beard. Before you get on your bike next time, you might want to properly protect yourself by taking the following steps.

1. Wearing A Bike Helmet.

It does not matter who owns the helmet you have; what matters is that it serves its purpose, which is to protect you. However, this can only happen if you put it on correctly.

How To Make Sure That The Bike Helmet Fits.

A bike helmet is supposed to cover the rider’s forehead a few inches above the eyebrows.

After putting on the helmet make sure that the strap dividers sit below the ear lobes.

As for the chin strap, leave enough space that can fit at least two fingers to make sure that the strap is not too tight.

Also, do not forget that people do not have the same head shape. Therefore, you will be required to adjust your bike’s helmet so that your skull can fit properly. Moreover, according to Beard, helmets have a variety of features that are used to improve how it fits as skull protector.  You also need to acknowledge that the type of features that a helmet has depends on the brand, but some features are almost the same such as chin strap, strap dividers fit system circumference, and fit system height.

“Do not be in a rush to put on your helmet without checking whether there are any necessary adjustments that need to be done” Says Beard. You can be safe and feel more comfortable by taking a few minutes to pay attention to how your helmet fits.Here is a good guide. 

2. Take Care Of The Bike Helmet.

Your helmet can last for an extended period depending on how well you take care of it. To take care of your helmet, the first thing that you should do is always keep it in a dry and cool area. Also, clean the outer shell using water and soap. After cleaning the outer shell, place the helmet outside to dry off and to make it smell better.

Do not try to use bug spray on your helmet because it will only damage it. Say Beard. Many people do this to prevent bugs but the truth is such an act only ruins the helmet.

3. Replace The Bike Helmet After 3 Years.

Nothing lasts forever including a helmet. Furthermore, you should not wait for your helmet to get lost or damaged to replace it. According to Beard, it is best to replace your helmet after at least 3 years. That is because the parts of a helmet become weak over time. That is why you should replace it after the recommended period.

Furthermore, if your helmet gets damaged as a result of crashing on falling, make sure that you replace it right away.

“helmets are designed in a way that they can absorb shock” that is why you need to make sure that it is in good condition so that it can be effective and not get damaged easily.

Moreover, a worn-out helmet does not provide any protection. Therefore, you should consider replacing your helmet if it looks worn.