4 Simple Steps to Start Building Your Personal Brand

Branding is the tool to establish your company or yourself in the market amongst your target audience or consumers. Branding is the process to maximize your reach and letting people know that you exist. We’re living in the era where people alike are looking to connect directly with the brands and hear their stories. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc. have made it possible for people to connect directly with their audience, become known and build relationships on a global scale. If you also want to become a brand, this is how you can make it possible: 

1. Become an expert on something
Only when you possess something specific and extraordinary, you can flourish as a personal brand. Try establishing an expertise that is relevant to your corporate mission, goals, and vision because that’s what is needed to connect with your audience directly on larger scale. 

2. Have your website or blog with your full name
Today, people are tech-savvy and they use search engines to know you, connect with you and potentially either do business with you. And that’s the reason you should purchase your full name as your domain name (yourfullname.com). Once you have your domain name, add your picture, your e-mail address, a bio, and links to the rest of your social media handle (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Only then people will be able to connect with you in their medium of choice. 

3. Use a proper media source
Find out the different media sources your audience reads, listens to or watches… whenever you are interviewed, make sure you promote your interview via all the media sources to reach out more and more people.

4. Build brand awareness via networking
Networking is the best tool to create brand awareness and become known in the industry. You need to form relationships in order to brand yourself amongst your audience and other fellow members. Networking not only helps you build strong relationships but also help you spread awareness about your presence in the industry. To be a great brand it is crucial that you connect with the media, and build relationships with your audience.