5 Fun & Beneficial Dog-Friendly Activities In Georgia

One of the numerous multi-faceted and downright fabulous benefits of adopting a dog or introducing a new puppy into your family is that you will instantly become a part of and be welcomed into a communicative community of dog lovers and owners.

Whether you have owned your precious pooch for many years or have only just adopted it, continue reading to learn of five of the best simultaneously fun and beneficial, both for you and your dog, events right here in the state of Georgia.

1.    Herty Pines Dog Park

One of the most fabulous places in Georgia to spend the entire day making memories with your pampered and precious pooch is Herty Pines Dog Park.

Located in Savannah, Herty Pines Dog Park is a large park filled with trees, dog-friendly and safe lakes and pools, shaded areas, and even a wooded area for smaller dogs who don’t feel entirely comfortable spending their day with an un-leashed Great Dane. What is more, Herty Pines also provides free and unlimited dog biscuits and fresh water to keep your dog fed, hydrated, and full of energy to explore.

2.    Saint Simons Island Beaches

There is nothing more utterly heartwarming than watching your happy dog living their best day running across the sand and in and out of the ocean, and Saint Simons Island Beaches, located in St. Simons Island, is one of the best places to make this dream a reality.

It is worth noting that if you intend on taking your dog on regular excursions to locations in and around the beach and water, it is not only important that they are registered with a prestigious, reputable, and renowned veterinary practice, such as, but that you consult with your veterinarian.

3.    Mother Matilda Beasley Park

Although smaller than the other locations discussed in this article, Mother Matilda Beasley Park has a myriad of positive attributes when it comes to choosing a day out that the whole family can enjoy along with the family pet.

The park is covered in sand rather than grass, which is even more exciting if you have a dog who loves nothing more than digging in the ground and rolling around in happiness. Mother Matilda Beasley Park is located on E Broad Street, Savannah.

4.    Bonaventure Cemetery

Upon first thought, a cemetery may well not be the first place you would choose to spend a whole day of adventures, but Bonaventure Cemetery is substantially different from what you may think.

For local people who live in and around the area of Savannah, however, Bonaventure Cemetery is a must-see location, and not only is it the perfect place for your dogs to explore, there are numerous provisions always in place, including freshwater bowls and dog food.

5.    Dog Park at Freedom Park

The last entry on this list is located on Guest Road in Valdosta and is a huge and multi-faceted dog park that is only a few years old.

Dog Park at Freedom Park is certainly worth spending time driving to, even if you live a little further away, as it has three different sections divided into a large communal area for all sizes of dogs, an area specific to smaller and younger dogs, and a large dog run section. Water fountains specifically for dogs are also present across the park and are safe to use for dogs and humans alike.

Ritika Gulati

Ritika Gulati is renowned Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist from India. Ritika has been featured on various news channels including Haryana News and Janta News with the special featured program. Ritika holds PGD in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Bachelors in Science, Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, Diploma in Food Production, Specialization in Fitness Nutrition (USA), Certified as Diabetes, Trainer Type I & Type II (USA), Certified Pilates Trainer (USA) and Govt of India certified Fitness Trainer.

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