5 Precautions to Take Before Hiring an Outsourcing Company

Business process outsourcing is nothing new. It’s been around for good couple of decades. More and more companies are leaning towards outsourcing their business processes due to various reasons. One of the most popular reasons is to cut cost. Among other reasons, lack of skilled manpower, lack of resource to manage an additional team, office space, etc. are the top ones. While old companies leaned towards outsourcing their business processes, new companies are starting up with outsourcing being in their business plan already. If you are an advertising agency or an eCommerce product owner for example and wish to outsource your clipping path job, how do you go about finding the best clipping path service provider? How to know which company is the best to work with?

Below are top 5 time tested methods of identifying the right outsourcing company to work with.

Research the Outsourcing Company

If you are looking for a specific outsourcing company, for example a clipping path service provider, you do a Google search for it. To your surprise, you will see that finding the right company can be similar to finding a needle in a hay stack. It is therefore extremely important to research the company. If you want to research Joolo Media, one of the best clipping path service providers in the industry, you will see they have huge online and social media presence. Check for their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter activity to see whether they are active in the game or simply an online signboard with a catchy website. 

Check for Reputation of the Company

An established company will have some level of reputation and you can find it by searching online. It can be reviews from previous clients, news media stories, press releases, social media connections, or their overall online presence. A company that offers low quality work and fails their clients will sometimes have negative customer reviews. You want to avoid those companies at all cost. 

Test the Level of Communication

Communication is what makes or breaks a business deal. If you are looking for a ghost mannequin photo editing service provider for example, you pick up the phone and call the company. If you are a North American company, see if you find a local phone number for a USA or Canadian company. If not, send an email or fill out the online contact form from the respective company’s website. See how long it takes for the company in question to respond back to you. A professional company will get back to you within few hours if no less. It’s not just the response time that counts for effective communication, it the professionalism in responding and being able to respond with the right answer. Just make sure you are happy with the contact and response time. 

Sample, Sample, Sample

You must test the skill of the company before hiring them. Ask for some sample of their previous work. See they will be willing to do a test work for a small project for you. Once you are happy with their skill, you can then move to the next step. 

Show Me the Money

Now it’s the money time. Ask for a quote on your custom project. Pricing will be different for every customer. In the world of outsourcing, some clients will have five to ten hours of work in a month while some will have 20 – 40 hours of work per week. Pricing is dependent of volume so ask for a custom quote. If all checks out and pricing is withing your budget, you can comfortably start working with that company.