5 Steps For An Efficient Office Cleanout

The office is more than just a place where employees report to work. It’s also where they spend the bulk of their day.

Beyond making yours an office fit for productive work, it should also be a space where people feel confident about their health. It must be clean, well-organized, and, most of all, hygienic.

Maintaining such an environment is a concerted effort of small daily habits and major cleanouts. The former refers to creating a clean-conscious office culture so that day by day, no matter how busy everyone is, the office still looks and feels clean. The latter, on the other hand, refers to periodic overhauls or deep cleans.

There are many steps to an effective and efficient office cleanout. Consider starting with the ones below.

1. Work With A Same-Day Rubbish Removal Company 

As its name suggests, a same-day rubbish removal company is in the business of collecting rubbish on a scheduled day. 

Unlike regular rubbish collectors, they deal with large volumes and sizes of waste. Whatever you have to dispose of, they do on your behalf. And it’s done safely and efficiently. 

With office cleanouts, calling in the services of a same-day rubbish removal company is almost always inevitable. Depending on when your last office cleanout was, what the purpose is, and how much clutter you have, you’re sure to face quite a mountain load of rubbish. 

If you’re doing a significant re-do, you might want to get rid of all the useless office equipment you’ve left in storage. Let the rubbish removal company take that junk to the appropriate recycling plant and handle even the biggest items you throw away.

2. Make Cleaning Supplies Readily Available 

In an office, you should have all the supplies ready and available for any member of the team to use. 

But how about cleaning supplies

Not everyone thinks about having them on hand, but it actually makes a lot of sense. That way, whenever a team member has to clean their desk or cubicle, they can do so.  

Have cleaning supplies within reach in the office toilets, kitchen, pantry area, and even around each team member’s cubicle. Your office expenses may increase a bit, but the greater ease with which you uphold cleaning protocols is well worth it.  

The cleaning supplies you provide don’t have to be anything fancy. Stick to the basics, like disinfectant wipes and surface cleaners. You can leave all the other cleaning equipment and supplies to the janitorial team.

3. Pay Close Attention To The Carpet 

If residential carpets quickly get dirty, all the more so office ones. Given all the foot traffic they get, it’s not surprising how these are always the dirtiest parts of the office at the end of the day. 

With that, ensure your in-house cleaning team pays attention to the carpets daily. Never skip a day without vacuuming them. You should also consider sending them to professional carpet cleaners for a fresh and clean makeover.

4. Wipe Down Electronics 

Along with the carpets, electronics are another of the dirtiest items in an office. That includes the laptops or computers team members use regularly. This is especially true with shared office electronics like scanners, printers, and copying machines. 

They may not look dirty at first glance, but you can be sure they’re filled with germs, bacteria, and contaminants from all the touching. Make it a company practice to have every team member wipe their surfaces and electronics at least daily. Let your cleaners take care of the rest. 

When wiping and cleaning electronics, be very careful with using any liquid. A gentle microfiber cloth usually does the job. Spray the surface with water and a mild cleaner, then wipe it down. 

5. Take Out The Trash Every Day

There’s nothing more unsanitary than an overflowing bin. It leaves a negative impression on clients and can turn into a significant health hazard depending on what’s in there. 

Taking out the trash daily is one of the most efficient ways to stay on top of an office cleanout. The more you stay on schedule, the less you’ll have to handle.

Know How To Keep It Clean

These steps apply whether you’re dealing with a small home office or a corporate floor. Don’t limit yourself to them; make adjustments depending on the scale and severity of your cleaning problem. The goal is to have a clean office afterward, maintain it, and ensure that all the cleaning is done efficiently and effectively.

Remember to consult the experts for the best results.