5 Things That Will Encourage Your Lazy Dog To Feel Active

Does your pup spend most of its days sleeping? If you’re finding it hard to get them up and active, don’t worry—it’s very common! Some dogs are naturally lazier than others, but with a few simple changes, you can give your pup the extra motivation they need to stay active. In this article, we will discuss some important tips to bring some activities into your lazy dog’s life. 

Here Are Six Ways To Energize A Lazy Dog

  • Regular Walks

Regular walks can be a great way to get your lazier dog to become more active and engaged. Daily walks can help stimulate your pup’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Walking allows them to take in sights, smells, and sounds of the outside world while exercising. It helps keep their muscles strong and allows them to burn off some of their excess energy or explore the area around their house. With structured walks, they’ll learn to follow the rules and commands, which will come in handy regarding training and behavior problems. Plus, it’s an excellent chance for you to bond with your pup and spend quality time together. Walks can also help guard against boredom which often leads to behavioral problems like inappropriate chewing or scratching due to a lack of stimulation and engagement.

Image Credit: pixabay.com
  • Play Time Activities

If you have a lazy dog, many playtime activities can help keep them physically and mentally active to prevent boredom. Playing catch with a toy, taking regular walks, introducing obstacle courses into your playtime routine, and teaching basic commands can all help energize your pup. Incorporating these activities into their daily routine will provide not only physical activity but also mental stimulation for your fur buddy. In the long run, this regular activity will strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend and may even result in a healthy weight gain if that’s part of your pup’s goals. Ultimately, regular and varied playtime activities allow Fido to interact with his environment in a fun and rewarding way!

  • Healthy Diet & Supplements

Health, diet, and supplements can have a significant impact on the energy levels of any pet. Make sure your furry companion has plenty of nutrient-dense food options available daily so they have enough energy for all the playtime activities we discussed! Dogs who don’t eat healthy foods can start feeling sluggish and lethargic quickly. 

Regarding encouraging activity in a lazy dog, the right balance of exercise and nutrition is critical. Balanced proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your pet’s diet will offer them sustained energy throughout the day. Consider also adding an omega-3 fatty acid supplement as it provides an additional energy boost. Even unique formulas contain certain enzymes to aid digestion further and provide essential vitamins that may be lacking in their diet. 

If your dog shows diminished energy levels, looking into their dietary needs could be the answer. With the proper diet offering sustainable fuels for long days full of activities, your pup can loyally join you during hikes, walks around the park, or even just a romp in their backyard.

  • Interactive Toys & Puzzles

Exercise is essential for dogs’ physical and mental health, so interactive toys and puzzles are the perfect way to get your lazy pup moving. Interactive toys and puzzles can help reignite the spark of adventure in any home by providing a controlled, safe environment full of positive rewards – helping keep your lazy pup active and ready for more! 

When setting up an interactive toy or puzzle activity, it’s necessary to start with your dog’s skill level in mind. Choose activities that gradually increase in difficulty as they master each step. By keeping the stimulation level high while increasing difficulty, active play will be an engaging and rewarding experience that helps encourage healthy behavioral reinforcement.

  • Explore New Places & Routes

Dogs are creatures of habit and enjoy routine. However, changing things from time to time can help keep things exciting. Exploring new places and routes with your lazy pup can be an excellent way to increase activity levels for a dog that has gotten into a routine of being inactive. When planning new routes, try to find areas with plenty of visual stimulation in the form of different smells, sounds, textures, etc., for them to explore. You may find that their energy returns with various new activities. Additionally, introducing a few low-impact physical activities to your daily walks can help increase cardiovascular endurance and strength, which will encourage more active behaviors.


It’s true – some dogs are more laid back than others; however, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost when it comes time for exercise! By using these tips above such as providing healthy food options, engaging in interactive playtime activities, exploring new places together, giving mental stimulation toys and puzzles, and going on regular walks—you will be able to successfully energize even the laziest of pups in no time at all! After all, an active dog makes a happy dog – so get out there and explore with yours today!