5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about RAM NFT Gen 2

Are you seeking out the best way to enjoy the benefits of the over $41 billion NFT industry? Maybe you’ve been wondering what NFTs to mint, how to mint, or seeking that one community that will help you access these opportunities without hassle. Not to worry, this article will introduce you to a gold standard NFT membership that offers all the above benefits.

We’re happy to introduce you to RiseAngle Membership NFT, an NFT project set to take the NFT world by storm. It is not one of those faceless projects scamming hundreds of unsuspecting NFT enthusiasts of their hard-earned money. RAM Gen 2 is the second iteration of the RAM NFT after the first iteration recorded outstanding success within its few months of public minting.

RAM NFT Gen 2 opens a window of opportunities for everyone ready to lock in on the amazing potential of NFTs. Today, there is a lot of exciting information about RAM NFTs, especially as the RiseAngle leadership has released important updates in recent weeks.

This article will walk you through five things you probably didn’t know about RAM Gen 2.

Let’s begin!

1.  RiseAngle Inc is the Brain Behind the RAM Project

RiseAngle Inc is a leading virtual gaming company renowned for developing and publishing disruptive and richly thematic games. They are the pioneers of virtuous gaming, creating didactic and culturally enriching gaming experiences. RiseAngle’s superlative storytelling abilities integrated into technologies like virtual reality, blockchain, and NFTs is its finest market edge.

So far, RiseAngle has released five games to the market across six different platforms with over 300,000 installs and lots of exceptional and groundbreaking products in the offing, such as World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFT).

RiseAngle Inc is not a faceless company; instead, it comprises a team of highly committed leaders and seasoned experts who have cut their teeth in-game technology, blockchain science, and quality leadership.

From Kaveh Vahdat, founder and CEO, to Cody Steen, tech lead, and Milan Sadriya, creative supervisor ensuring quality control of all collectibles, holders can rest assured that RAM Gen 2 is authentic, genuine, and incredibly rewarding.

2.  RAM Gen 2 is the Second Iteration of RAM NFTs

The first generation of RAM NFT – Gen 1 – was released in November 2021. It has a super limited supply of 400 units, and a community of long-term holders, thanks to the aesthetically appealing designs of the collectibles. Although minting has closed, you can still get your collectibles from a holder on secondary markets like OpenSea.

When the intro video of RAM NFT went up on Imgur, it grossed close to 400,000 views, with NFT fans swarming in to join RiseAngle’s Discord servers and Twitter community. This is simply because RAM Gen 2 is a project far ahead of its time. Holders will get to access the coolest digital arts and collectibles and enjoy exclusive access to a private NFT community where they get real-time updates on RAM NFT projects and partner projects. There’s more value than you could ever imagine.

Gen 2 holders get to mint from the collections for 12 months, with each month having its unique collection. It’s worth remembering that RAM NFT membership itself is an NFT that can be traded on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, after which owners are welcomed into a future-forward community that offers the coolest NFTs. RAM Gen 2 will be open for public minting on June 3 2022.

3. The Monthly Collection Features Different NFTs with Diverse Utilities and Use Cases

According to the RiseAngle Discord channel, every collection will have its unique traits. Collections will feature 2D and 3D artworks, as well as digital comic books, with some having in-game utility. There are also NFTs compatible with Metaverse for AR and VR uses across various metaverse platforms.

There are also NFTs with specific utility within the World of Mazes Games Metaverse, such as mini-games, exclusive worlds, stories, and secrets; RiseAngle games; Rise Angle partner games; other metaverses and potentially DAO projects.

4. There are Discounted Minting Offers

Public mint will begin on June 3 2022. The first collection minting will occur within the first month after the direct sale closes. It will then continue for 12 months, where holders receive 12 collections for 12 months.

It is worth noting that RAM Gen 2 has a limited supply of 1000 units, and the public mint price is pegged at 0.15ETH. However, your chances of minting may be pretty slim if you wait for the public mint. Unit supply is limited, and when the mint URL goes public, potential holders will scurry to mint enough units as quickly as possible.

However, you can increase your chances by enjoying RAM Gen 2 discounted offers. You can get a VIP Prebuy at 0.11 ETH and the mint link days before the public mint. This is easily your best bet if you’re busy and unavailable for the activities that make you eligible for the Whitelist Class A. The Whitelist Class A is pegged at 0.08ETH and entitles you to the mint link hours before the public mint.

The Presale price for members on Whitelist Class B is fixed at 0.15ETH, and they get a 0.02ETH rebate after minting, subject to some other terms. This also entitles them to the mint link minutes to the public mint. Join RiseAngle Discord server and follow the relevant channels to access these benefits.

5. The royalty fee

There is a 5% royalty on secondary market transactions of RAM NFT Gen 2. However, the general royalty for RAM collections varies based on the collection and future market conditions, straddling between 2.5% and 7.5%.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to NFTs, an essential fact to keep in mind is that there are as many counterfeits and scams as real NFT projects. To separate the wheat from the chaff, discernment and caution are required. But enjoying NFTs doesn’t have to get so stressful; Join RiseAngle Discord server for the best NFT experience, and don’t forget to follow their channels for updates.