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5 Tips to Create an Environmentally Friendly Bathroom

The CDC states that the average person spends about 8 minutes in the shower. Given that a minute of shower time consumes 2.1 gallons of water, it adds up to 16 gallons each time. In that sense, a person spends a significant amount of time and water in a shower cubicle throughout their lifetime. 

Taking long showers has a significant cumulative effect on water conservation. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the shower fittings utilised are built and maintained in an environmentally sustainable manner. You should make sure that you are purchasing all your bathroom requirements from a reputed bathroom store.

Read on for tips on how to create an environmentally-friendly bathroom.

Showers over Baths

An average-sized bath uses almost 150 litres of water. The funny thing is a fifteen-minute shower can consume an equal amount of water. 

However, there are ways to prevent that by installing aerating shower heads that mix air with water to provide a similar experience but with less severe environmentally damaging consequences. 

Another minor change that we can all benefit from adopting is turning off the shower while lathering up. 

Sustainable Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings can be highly energy-intensive to manufacture. Consider the following things when making fixture purchases.

  • Choosing high-quality goods that usually last a lifetime is a better idea than buying cheaper, less-durable items.
  • Instead of buying new, consider using recycled sanitary ware or refurbishing furniture to create a more eco-friendly bathroom.
  • Find fixtures and accessories made out of recyclable materials

Shop Locally

Shopping locally is an excellent idea. Imported luxurious products may be appealing, but they are heavy on the pockets. Moreover, shopping locally saves a whole lot of fuel and other shipping expenses.

Choose zero-waste personal care items.

A large amount of the waste that is created is often generated from personal care products. Shampoos and shower gels infused with microbeads or disposable sanitary products and plastic bottles are big culprits of this.

The amount of plastic that is accumulated can be substantially minimised by adopting a few fundamental changes. Such as: 

  • purchasing bamboo toothbrushes,
  • swapping out plastic bottles for shampoo bars,
  • opting for zero-waste cleaning products, and
  • adopting reusable sanitary products

Reduce Water Consumption

Some simple ways that can be adopted to promote water conservation are listed below.

Dual Flush Toilets

They provide the option of a partial flush, which considerably reduces excessive water consumption.

Get a Cistern Displacement Device

A cistern displacement device (CDD) is a system that is installed in the cistern and displaces approximately one litre of water with each flush.

Install Automatic Taps

Install sensor taps, often known as automated taps, on the sink basin. Not only do these touchless taps turn on exactly when needed, but they also have a low flow rate, which reduces water usage.

Fix Dripping Taps

A leaky tap can waste a lot of water if left unattended. Always get them repaired and replace the washers on a regular basis.

Whether it is cutting down showers or getting recyclable fixtures, there are a lot of things that an individual can do on their level to promote conservation. 

The tips mentioned above especially highlight the need to make long-term sustainable changes. These changes are advantageous in terms of cost-effectiveness as well. As they say, two birds with one stone!

Ruskin Brodkin

Ruskin Brodkin writes for She is a graduate in journalism from the University of Maryland. Ruskin currently lives in Brooklyn, and she previously worked as a Television Producer on BBA International's Squawk Box Europe. Ruskin has also been a movies reporter for Radio New Zealand.

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