5 Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Yes, carefully look at your nails, are they looking healthy or not?

Healthy Nails are smooth, spot-free, and have a uniform color.

 Are your nails rough discolored with white lines and spots?

If yes, worry no more, in this article, I will be revealing to you 5 ways to keep your nails healthy. Grab a chilled glass of water and relax as I take you through the journey. The good news is that maintaining a healthy nail that looks super sexy isn’t expensive and time-consuming.  In the case of growing white toenails, there is always white toenail fungus treatment options available out there.

Now, let’s get started

Keep Fingernails Dry and clean

Keeping your fingernails dry and clean helps to prevent the growth of bacterial and other harmful microbes in your nails. Cleaning your nails regularly makes them neat and natural-looking. More so, Regular cutting of your nails prevents them from lurching and breaking. However, trimming your nails depends on how often or fast it grows. Using a fine file to smoothen your nails makes it beautiful. Regular trimming and cleaning make your nails healthy and beautiful.

Use moisturizer

While applying hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingers and cuticles too. Applying moisturizer after cutting helps to conserve your nails and ultimately improves their looks. If you want to be confidently taking out your nails and give an impression anywhere you go. Then you should consider applying moisturizer to your nails daily. Sometimes there will be a need for treatment for nail fungus if nails are not maintained properly.

Use Nail polish

Another effective way to keep good nail health is by using nail polish. Applying nail polish wouldn’t harm your nails.  however, you should always take a break from polish occasionally. Wearing polish serves as a shield and safeguards your nails from scratches. You can apply nail polish at home or during a manicure in a salon. However, applying a Nair hardener also helps to strengthen your nails.

Using a Nail Brush

Many people put themselves at the risk of nail infections such as bacterial infection by using long and point materials to remove dirt under the fingers. Using long and point tools will not only put you at the risk of infection but also open you to physical injuries. Good Nail care requires you to use a nail brush to scrub gently and remove dirt in the Fingernail. If you don’t have a Nail brush, you should get one when next you are going on a shopping. However, Aggressive scrubbing and cleaning do more harm than good to your nails.

Wear Dish Gloves

Wearing Dish Gloves is effective to maintain a Healthy Nail.  Frequent putting of hands into hot and soapy water to wash dishes can damage your nails. Wearing Dish Glove keeps your nails safe from the effect of the hot and soapy water and all other physical injuries you can sustain during washing. More so, always wear protective gloves whenever you are doing any other task that requires you to use your hands such as housecleaning and gardening.

Lastly, after taking the above-mentioned steps. you should always take infections seriously, if you observe any signs and symptoms, any strange thing on your nails, redness, swellings, and pain, seek medical attention from your doctor or dermatologist.

G Gulati

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