7 Auto Insurance Discounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Car insurance is not only important for protecting a driver’s assets but is also a legal requirement in most states. But car insurance can also be quite expensive. So if there are ways to save money, they are worth looking into.

Better you should find a discount for full coverage auto insurance rather than trying to save money on premiums by skimping on coverage. Luckily, there are numerous discounts that insurance providers offer but some remain relatively unknown to many drivers.

Typical auto insurance discounts are now offered for 

  • bundling policies 
  • good driving history 
  • safety equipment in your vehicle 
  • defensive driving education 
  • new cars
  • good credit 
  • being a good student
  • senior citizens 
  • homeowners 
  • married motorists

Here are several car insurance discounts you may not know about but should definitely look into to benefit from lower insurance premiums while still getting the necessary coverage.

1. Affiliation Discounts

Many organizations and companies create conventions with insurance providers to permit members and employees to benefit from savings when purchasing insurance coverage. Many insurance companies will provide a list of affiliation discounts or even publish such a list on the company website. 

When requesting estimates for coverage from an insurance provider, make sure to ask if the company offers discounts for affiliations with clubs, associations, fraternities or sororities, unions, or for employees of certain companies.

2. Eco-friendly Discounts

Many insurance providers now offer discounts for the owners of green cars that are friendly to the environment like electric cars or hybrid cars. You won’t only be saving on fuel costs but can save on your insurance costs as well. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, consider this when selecting your auto of choice. If you decide for a green car, make sure to tell insurance providers that you’ve chosen one so you can enjoy any available discounts. Saving at the pump, incentives, and saving on insurance are great reasons to choose a green vehicle.

3. Discounts for Low Mileage

If your driving is very limited, you clearly present less of a risk to insurance providers because you’re on the road less. And driving fewer miles means that you have fewer opportunities to be involved in accidents. Many insurance companies will offer substantial discounts to those motorists that drive their cars less often.  

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a significant drop in traffic and accidents with so many working from home. If you are retired or a student and drive less or if you are still working remotely at least partially, ask your insurance provider if they offer a discount for limited mileage. 

If you are already insured and are driving less, make sure to inform your insurance agent of your lifestyle change and request if a discount is available. Low mileage discounts may include pay-per-mile options.

4. Payment Method Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer inviting discounts if you pay in a lump sum upfront, so if your budget can manage an annual payment, you may save quite a bit. However, that’s not the only payment method that can get you a discount.

If you arrange automatic payments with your bank or financial institution, your insurance company may offer you a discount. Plus, you’ll have the luxury of not having to worry about remembering when your payment is due.

5. Internet and Social Media Savings

While this may seem a bit unusual, there are several companies that will offer discounts for getting online insurance quotes and purchasing insurance coverage over the internet. So, apart from the speed and convenience of buying insurance online, you may find yourself with some unexpected savings. 

Using the internet to get estimates for insurance premiums will help you obtain the best deals quickly and with very little fatigue. Social media activity may also score you a discount if you sign up for your insurer’s newsletter, do a “follow” on social media pages, or share your insurer’s content through social media.

6. Occupational Discounts

Believe it or not, some insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers that have specific professions like military, law enforcement, firefighters, doctors, teachers, etc. Some providers offer savings to those in a “preferred occupation”, so you may want to check with insurance companies if they offer these discounts and for which professions.

7. Shopping Around, Early Discounts, and Loyalty

Many of us wait until the last minute to renew an auto insurance policy and then rarely have time to shop around. But if you take the time to shop early, know that there are several insurers that will offer you a discount if you switch your business to them before your insurance premium is due to be paid. 

Companies also offer an alternative for loyal customers that have been insured with them for at least a year and choose to renew. So deciding and stipulating coverage early, whether with renewal or by switching companies may save you some dollars.

While getting insurance may seem overwhelming when it comes time to purchase or renew, the internet can be a great tool and allow you to ask for a list of available discounts when you request an estimate. This will enable you not only to compare insurance rates but help you discover if there are any unexpected auto insurance discounts that you may qualify for.