7 Ways to Keep Your Family Home Safe & Secure

A family home is a place where everyone should feel safe – it is your sanctuary, and you want to be certain that you have as few worries as possible, feeling like no harm could befall you. If you don’t currently feel that way, it isn’t too late to make some changes to ensure that you do. Luckily, there are numerous ways to secure your home to ensure yourself, your family, and the property are fully protected – here are seven of the best that you should consider bringing to your home. 

1: Use Security Cameras

Security cameras work at protecting a home for two reasons. First, they work as a deterrent. If a burglar sees security camerasinstalled, they are less likely to try breaking into your house. Second, they capture images outside of your home. If someone is hanging around outside of your house, the security camera footage will show that. So, install security cameras around your home and feel much more protected.

2: Invest in Secure Locks

The type of lock you have on your front door is important. The more secure, the better! That way, burglars are less likely to find a way inside. Wondering where to get better locks? Around The Clock Locks have an excellent selection of high-quality locks around your home. Plus, if you ever lose a key or need a replacement, they are more than happy to help. Replacing your locks is also a good idea when you first move into a place, as you can be certain that no previous tenants or owners have access, meaning absolute safety for your family.

3: Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

These days, it’s not just your property you need to protect – it’s your home’s Wi-Fi network, too. To keep viruses and hackers out, secure your Wi-Fi network by enabling encryption and choosing a strong and long password. It won’t take too long to set up, either.

4: Use an Alarm System

An alarm system is an excellent addition to any family home, as it instantly alerts you if there is someone there who shouldn’t be, particularly during the night or when you are away. So, install an easy-to-use alarm system and feel protected whether you’re inside the house or on vacation. 

5: Lock the Windows 

The front door is usually not the first place a burglar will try to get in. While it is crucial to lock your front and back doors securely, you should also pay attention to your windows. Do you shut them at night? Do they have locks? By shutting and locking the windows every time you sleep or leave the house, you give your home an extra layer of protection. 

6: Light Up the Outside 

Thieves are less likely to attempt to rob a house if they are easily seen, which is why placing lights on the outside of your home is so effective at deterring them. You could even use automatic lights to save on electricity. It is a simple yet effective house hack.

7: Always Lock Up the Garage 

Another common place for burglars to try to get in is the garage, as it is a place that so many homeowners forget about. If your garage door is unlocked, it provides easy access to your home, making your family home unsafe. To ensure that you avoid this, get into the habit of locking it after every use. 

Protecting your home and your family comes naturally. Use these seven ways to secure your family home, and you will feel more at peace when asleep or away from the house.

Ruskin Brodkin

Ruskin Brodkin writes for She is a graduate in journalism from the University of Maryland. Ruskin currently lives in Brooklyn, and she previously worked as a Television Producer on BBA International's Squawk Box Europe. Ruskin has also been a movies reporter for Radio New Zealand.

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