A complete guide to delivery routes for sale in 2022

In 2023, one of the best ways to make money is by owning a delivery route. These avenues are great since they can generate a steady, passive income. Put another way; a delivery route business is essentially a franchise that buys into an existing firm to own, run and deliver along one of the routes of that organization. Before starting a delivery route business, you may want to ask yourself the following important questions.

Types of delivery routes

Depending on the nature of your startup, you can choose from various distribution options. Courier routes (UPS, FedEx, etc.), food delivery routes, personal service routes (pet grooming, pool & spa, etc.), bread delivery routes, and automated teller machine routes are just a few examples of buying routes for sale

You can acquire the company’s route if you wish to be your own boss while still carrying the UPS name. Meaning your drivers will need to dress in UPS uniforms and adhere to the rules set forth by UPS.

Delivery routes for sale

One of the few unsung assets in franchising is a network of established delivery routes. Investing in a reliable delivery route is a wise decision because of the various benefits it provides. As a result, many young people consider beginning their own delivery route businesses. However, figuring out how to begin isn’t always easy. As a result, many potential customers and investors are put off.

Owners of delivery routes are paid monthly once all deliveries have been made. You can take a safe route or strike out on your own with this kind of company. The protected route is limited to a specific range of IP addresses, while the independent route is not. Independent routes are much more competitive and lucrative compared to protected routes.

Where can I buy a good deal on a delivery route?

Get in touch with the provider immediately if you’ve settled on a specific itinerary and are ready to make a purchase. Broker websites, such as Bizroutes, also provide many various types of routes for sale.

The process of delivery routes

If you purchase a delivery route, you will be the sole owner of the delivery route business and have sole access to the route. In addition, you’ll be in charge of handling all sales for the region.

Besides the actual route, you’ll likely be purchasing tools and supplies necessary to carry out the task. Vehicle costs, interest earned on payments made to the route’s previous owner, and many more are all tax deductible. Sometimes, you can deduct the cost of using your house as a company location.

Keep in mind that the going rate for a premium route is more than that for a less popular route with the same volume. Please consider beginning on a small scale; as your business grows, you can expand to serve more customers or acquire additional routes.

Top delivery routes for sale in 2022

Personal service delivery routes

The option of the route of personal service, albeit less common, is another viable one for delivery. Pool maintenance, pet grooming, gardening, and so on are just some examples of the kinds of professional services that could be included in one of these routes. These companies have the potential to bring in substantial profits, but they frequently necessitate the use of specialized expertise.

The money made from personal service routes is fantastic. A significant portion of this industry’s growth comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. It is possible to transform them into a fantastic source of passive income with the right kind of organization. Owning a delivery route vehicle might be lucrative if you have the expertise to run one.

The return on investment (ROI) for personal service channels might reach 120%. Remember that this number varies from company to company and from owner to owner. Do not attempt to provide these kinds of personalized services if you do not have the necessary expertise or genuine passion for doing so.

ATM machine delivery routes

The ATM machine route is similar to the vending machine route in that it entails servicing several ATMs in a certain area. In addition to being scalable, ATMs can be a reliable source of passive revenue. As the owner, your only responsibility is replenishing the money in the ATMs. Alternatively, you can contract with a service that regularly restocks your ATMs for you, saving you the trouble of making the trip out to the branches yourself. This comprehensive manual will tell you all you need to know about opening an ATM company.

The use of ATMs is highly recommended. Due to the cheap barrier to entry and significant earnings from ATM routing, more ATMs may be purchased and strategically placed in high-traffic regions, allowing for rapid expansion. Remember that the declining cash economy poses a genuine threat to this company.

Vending machine delivery routes

Having vending machines in more than one location is what’s known as a “vending machine route.” The vending machine business is a terrific way to make a lot of money. Keeping the machine stocked with sufficient funds and goods requires regular inspections of your service routes.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side, vending machines can be a great option. Depending on the amount of money brought in, you can easily add more vending machines to your routes. You can eventually amass a large monthly passive income from your vending machine fleet. The low overhead is another selling point for this approach among budding business owners. A vending machine company can be launched for less than $5000.

Bread delivery routes

Bread distribution along a set path is known as a “bread route.” In most cases, individual enterprises will stake claim to a particular bread route, giving them monopoly distribution rights within that territory for products made by that source.

You can make money as the owner of a bread route by charging wholesale prices to local businesses in exchange for a commission (often approximately 20%) on the bread they buy from you. Now that you’re the distributor for the bread company, you may stock up on bread at wholesale prices from other bakeries and resell it to boost your commissions even further.


The purchase and maintenance of a delivery route is a lucrative business. It can be operated in a truck or cargo van, Numerous variables affect the return on investment

for such expenditures. However, the typical range is 20% – 50%. In addition, the high scalability of these investments allows you to reinvest your profits into the company. In no time, you will have a fleet of different delivery routes, each of which will generate a substantial passive income.

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