A Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Ultimate Girls Weekend

No matter what the reason for going away with your best girlfriends and even if there is no particular reason at all, a weekend away with the girls can be one of the most therapeutic, entertaining and rewarding bonding experiences you can possibly organize.

So, with this in mind here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is a comprehensive guide to planning the ultimate girls weekend.

Involve Everyone

As a girl who is part of a strong and loving friendship group, perhaps even one that has been grown and cultivated for many years, you will already be fully aware of the ease in which one or more person’s feelings can be hurt by feeling excluded or not considered.

To avoid any sign of this, right from having decided to plan a girl’s weekend in the first place, it is important to be as collaborative as possible with everyone. If one or more members of the group live farther away than the rest, utilize the plethora of different video-calling platforms and software programs to bring everyone together and include everyone in the planning stage right from the start.

Choose Different & Contrasting Activities

Even if all of the girls have been best friends for many years, it is still highly unlikely that each individual loves to do exactly the same types of activities and it is for this reason that you should endeavor to plan as broad a mix of adventures as possible.

There are, however, universally loved activities which everyone will enjoy and will also bring the group together in an entertaining and memorable way. You could consider booking tickets to a musical theatre show or live concert on the Saturday night; just remember to go through a reputable and renowned ticket supplier by checking the BoxOfficeTicketSales.com review to ensure you receive the best seats at the best price.

Produce a Universal Packing List

Upon first read, this may well seem a moot point, but in actual fact, coordinating your packing with the rest of the girls will ensure that the right mood and vibe is set for each and every activity.

Obviously, unless your particular friendship group is decidedly different to most, you will want to take fabulous and wholly coordinating group photographs throughout the weekend and the Instagram pics will be a lot more exciting if you all have matching accessories or even outfits.

Start a WhatsApp Group

As previously mentioned, as a big girl’s weekend is a bonding experience and hopefully one that you will all remember for years and years to come, it is absolutely essential that everyone feels involved and included right from the start.

The best way to do this is to conduct all organizational aspects and planning of the whole weekend together and indeed the best way to do that is to start a WhatsApp group. The added bonus of a personal WhatsApp group is that both during and even after the event, you can use the group to share hilarious videos and drunken photographs which can be treasured forever.