A Good Head on your Shoulders Requires the Perfect Hat

For gym rats and exercise fanatics, finding the right clothes and accessories is imperative to achieving a successful training session. Hats in particular are crucial, not only for keeping your luscious locks away from your face during an activity, but to protect your head from sun exposure or extremely cold weather. One company that recognizes the importance of headwear is Ponyflo. Not only do they produce a vast variety of hats, but they also use innovative techniques that guarantee quality and comfort. 

Minsun Kim founded Ponyflo hats in an attempt to make peoples’ lives easier. By understanding existing pain points in the market and using her knowledge in industrial design, Minsun formed the perfect product.

“I love working out, but found that I could only make time to go before work. I would hop out of bed, throw on a baseball cap and hit the gym. Pulling my ponytail through the opening in the back of the hat was uncomfortable because the opening was set too low. It was also very cumbersome to pull my hair through such a small opening.”

What first started as simply cutting and sewing fabrics, quickly turned into a thriving brand that produces one of the first baseball hats designed by a woman for women. Ponyflo hats expel all previous struggles one might have experienced with a hat in the past. The opening is big enough for individuals with longer hair to fit their ponytail through with ease, and the back is easy to open and close with Ponyflo’s tangle-free technology. 

“Once we got the prototypes made I invited over a group of my friends to check them out. They all loved the hat, but what surprised me most is that a few of them came over with their hair in buns. They loved that they didn’t have to fuss with their hair.”

The company’s website offers a diverse selection of items including athletic, classic, and outdoor hats. Within each category, consumers can choose which hat is best suited for their needs. There are also hats specifically created and sized for kids. 

Using premium fabrics and materials, Ponyflo hats prevent hair breakage and frizz, whilst being able to withstand the toughest workouts and all kinds of weather conditions. Minsun’s design is the go-to replacement for worn-out, overused hats. Ultimately, Ponyflo hats bring style and stability back into the world of workout attire.

You can order your new hat by visiting the Ponyflo website at https://www.ponyflohats.com/