A Peaceful Artist Who They Call A Different Breed

Jusssssto is a truly rare creature in the hyper-masculine rap game. Lately, though, Jusssssto has been toughening up—and we’re not just talking about lifting weights — more of making headlines beyond the USA using Pure love with the help of World Support , landing himself in some situations that could evolve hiphop in a tremendous way. From wreaking havoc for Social Reform To Making Powerful Music, we break down why Jusssssto could be considered a different type of legend.

Jusssssto declares his greatness from the very beginning with “Music Weed And Books .” An ode to himself, He proclaims that I’m a mother****** legend.” Jusssssto knows that he’s made it clear that he wants the pinicle and with the surprise drop of his mixtape 515, he is the artists to release wreck and havoc on issues. Jussssssto has been able to fill the void of a in hip-hop with consciousness and social reform by using Poetry and Visuals. So while it’s unknown heads up on the Hiphop And R&B from Long Island NY.