A Quick Primer on Motorcycles & Phone Chargers

It’s obvious that having a phone charger on your bike is wise. After all, it’s one of the most beneficial and essential tools in any rider’s arsenal. The power your motorcycle produces can easily be transferred to charge up your device’s battery – making those long rides so much more enjoyable! Your motorbike becomes a giant source of energy, allowing you to stay connected with friends and family during trips – no matter how far from home you find yourself.

To power up your smartphone on a motorcycle, you will require an adapter and cable to convert the 12-voltage of your bike battery into 5-volts – phone chargers usually use the latter. However, there are some important considerations regarding modern and vintage motorcycles that need to be considered before making any purchases.

Modern Bikes

Are you a proud owner of the legendary Honda Goldwing? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that many modern iterations come equipped with USB power ports straight from the factory. That being said, no need for an adapter – all you require is a superior quality USB cable designed specifically for power sports use. Sure, your phone charger can do the job, but it’s not built to withstand harsh outdoor environments or sudden voltage surges inherent in motorcycling; this makes investing in a dedicated charging cord made especially for motorcycle riders even more worth it!

Don’t let missing USB ports on your motorcycle keep you from enjoying the ride! SAE connections provide a simple solution for powering up your device. With a phone charger connected to your bike, cycling is more enjoyable than ever — think of it as turning all that potential energy into electricity and charging power! Your trusty motorcycle can now help ensure your smartphone isn’t running low while exploring any new terrain.

Before you embark on this power-charging project, use one of these convenient yet frequently neglected tools. With a 12-volt motorcycle battery and the appropriate wires and adapter, you can quickly charge your phone in need. Remember that for efficient conversion from the energy source to 5 volts (the standard charging voltage), several features must be considered–especially when it comes to modern or vintage motorcycles!