AAP’s Sanjay Singh tears Delhi Lt Governor’s Defamation Notice

On Wednesday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh tore a defamation notice sent by Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena over the ‘Khadi Scam’ allegations. This one is the newest clash between the AAP and the L-G in the National Capital that has taken place.

“The Constitution of India gives me the right to speak the truth. As a member of the Rajya Sabha, I have the right to speak the truth. I will not be cowed down by this notice sent by a thief, a corrupt man.” And then he went on to tear it into several pieces: “I can tear and throw away such notices 10 times,” Sanjay Singh said at a press conference.

The Rajya Sabha MP also initiated a scornful attack on the L-G Saxena, asking for his dismissal from the Constitutional post. Singh alleged that the Delhi L-G looted money and there should be a CB-ED probe against VK Saxena.

“L-G looted 2.5 lakh artisans of their money. When we uncover the corruption, he sends a legal notice. There should be a CBI-ED probe against L-G Saxena to find out where the looted money is kept,” he said in the press conference.

The statement has taken place amid an ongoing tussle between the AAP and the L-G, where both sides have accused each other of corruption. The ruling party in Delhi stresses that the L-G is working against them out of political vendetta.