Add Sparkle To Your Makeup With Morphe X Coca-Cola

The famous beauty brand Morphe Cosmetics recently proclaimed the makeup collaboration with Coca-Cola. For the first time ever, the Coca-Cola company has invested in top-line beauty. It indeed is an exciting opportunity for all the makeup lovers who want some sparkle in their makeu

The latest collection will be made available on the market in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada from the forthcoming Thursday on Morphe’s official site. The collection includes a Thirst For Life eye-shadow palette with some glittering reds and blues and subtle browns. It has a gorgeous four-piece Lip In The Moment lip collection. They even have a set of seven brushes Sweep It Real for different purposes, something which Morphe is known for and a carrier bag along with it. At last, they have Glowing Places, the loose highlighters available in 3 different shades, and a 4-piece beauty sponge collection The Quench Pack.

All of these are encased in beautiful Coca-Cola branding. Moreover, it is an iconic beauty-soda collaboration.

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