Addressing the Cruelty of Domestic Violence – Fashion Designer/Artist and Advocate Raven Salve Is Speaking Out About Abuse

Raven Salve, an Atlanta-based fashion designer, r&b artist and community activist, wants to spread awareness about domestic violence. The singer is re-releasing her single “Stepping Out” to all major streaming services including her website, Apple Music, and Spotify. A portion of the proceeds from the single will be used to support her not-for-profit organization Women Against Rape & Domestic Violence (WAR&DV.) and other local charitable organizations. Those organizations promote domestic violence awareness and prevent domestic violence. 

So far, Raven has gained some notoriety for writing and singing material that condemns domestic violence, sexism and racism. By speaking out, she encourages others to do the same. Using her notoriety as a platform, she plans to raise awareness about domestic abuse and women’s empowerment at the national level.

“I create a lot of songs about women empowerment, racism and domestic violence because I either lived through these issues all my life or close ones encountered these problems themselves. It’s important to show everyone that yes, the problem exists and we need to find a way to deal with it properly.” RS

Rave Salve has been going through a metamorphosis from singer to advocate. Experiencing the cruelty of domestic violence, sexism and racism have always affected her but now she has the tools to do something about it. Her rise in notoriety and fame has given her a spotlight to bring an often tossed aside issue back to the forefront. The music she makes is shaped by the passion and convictions of the abuse she has experienced and seen others experience. Songs like “Victim No More,” and “Cry for America,” are perfect examples of her passion and convictions written into beautiful songs with an important message. RJ Frometa of Vents Magazine quoted:

“Her music is not only very insightful, but it also carries a great message, the fact that it touches on the human aspect and the unique situations we are all facing every day.”

Domestic violence is the silent epidemic that has been plaguing American society for decades. The stats are staggering, one in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence. Sadly, most of these encounters and the abusers will go unreported. It is still fashionable to stay silent about abuse. That is something Raven hopes to help change. That is something that needs to change to better ourselves and our society. Standing up to the cruelty of domestic violence, sexism and racism, is the most important battle to fight as a people. Although she is not alone in her fight and message she hopes to advocate for more awareness and action to stop the abuse.

Currently, she is preparing for a nationwide public relations tour to advocate for domestic violence awareness, promote her upcoming fashion line and her single “Stepping Out.” Raven and her organization (WAR DV) are performing and presenting the upcoming events titled Family & Friends Gospel Culture Day in Pensacola, Fla. 

Raven Salve was born Ebony D Weatherspoon on July 13th, 1989 in Pensacola. A natural musician, Raven started playing the Clarinet around the age of 12, the piano at the age of 13 and also started taking voice lessons at 13. Although she knew from the age of five that she wanted a music career, it wasn’t until several years ago that she started pursuing music professionally. Raven is just as passionate about her music career as she is about the causes she champions for. In 2014 Raven started a 501c(3) non-profit organization “Women Against Rape & Domestic Violence Inc”. Since several of her family members are survivors of these issues, she wants to be involved in playing a part in bringing awareness to these problems in any way she can.

Listen To “Stepping Out” 

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