AdMass Helps You Offer Rewards In Exchange For Social Media Posts

In the world of social media marketing, influencer marketing is nothing new. For years companies like Fashion Nova and Monat have been thriving by using this online marketing channel to grow their online presence and drive more sales. Influencer marketing is so effective, that it has attracted thousands of brands and social media marketing companies, and is now expected to reach a total spend of 15 billion dollars by 2022 according to Business Insider.

AdMass Inc. is a Canadian-based technology company that has hopped on top of this trend and created a platform that makes this effective marketing channel accessible to everyone, drastically reducing advertising costs for eCommerce businesses. 

What is unique about AdMass, is that unlike its competitors there are no monthly fees to get started. Its pay-as-you-go plan charges businesses on a post-by-post basis, which allows any startup or online store to get started risk-free. Its AI-based algorithm helps match businesses with its database of over 150,000 creators, and pulls traffic from Google search, helping direct targeted traffic to their advertising campaigns. 

Their latest feature called “Automated Offers”, helps businesses turn their customers into brand advocates by simply sharing their profile in checkout emails and offering monetary rewards or discounts for repeat purchases. Its algorithm calculates the value of each post based on the engagement and the influencer’s reach, which helps companies expand their social media presence at scale, increasing brand awareness and driving sales from friends and families of their customers. 

Thanks to this new approach it has quickly grown in popularity and is now being used by many Shopify and Amazon-based eCommerce businesses. According to the company’s founder Yuri Kaplan, their vision is to “help businesses save money on advertising by reaching social media users of all sizes, focusing on high-engagement and trustworthy recommendations that drive sales more effectively than using big-name influencers”.

AdMass was launched in June 2020, and it’s still in the process of establishing itself as a dominant force in the industry. While it may have a long way to go, the company’s amazingly rapid growth speaks for itself. In just a few months it has managed to amass one of the largest influencer databases, surpassing many of their competitors, and locked down many prominent eCommerce companies that are effectively using its product to get reported returns of 6:1 for every dollar spent or higher. 

With the influencer marketing industry growing at 32% CAGR and online shopping rapidly increasing due to the pandemic, AdMass could not have positioned itself any better in this highly competitive space.