Alex Dry CEO of The Brand; DripDry Swimwear

Alex Dry has always had her finger on the pulse pop-culture, fast paced atmosphere. She began her career at the young age of 9 as a professional dancer and model, which led her into the social media space and fashion lifestyle. Alex has worked on the talent development and celebrity/influencer marketing team at Flipagram, Vigo Video, and TikTok where she also led projects such as event planning and merchandise design. Her experience and expertise is what led her into starting her own fashion line, DripDry Swimwear. 

What is DripDry ?
DripDry is a cheeky swimwear brand based in Los Angeles. Founded by model Alex Dry, who created a brand that brought a bold outspoken attitude to the fashion space. Being in the industry, Alex experienced body shaming and being silenced in using their voice or stating their opinions. She found herself conforming to “being basic.” Alex designed a line that is made to flatter and fit you in all the right spots while focusing on staying trendy and true to who you are. She created a new style that brings a new innovative way to combine her love for swim and jewelry. All pieces are versatile allowing you to wear a day at the beach, pair with shorts for a cute lunch date, charm it up with a chain, sweat it out, or even Netflix and chill. Creating DripDry,  Alex takes pride in bringing you only the best, unfiltered drip. 

DripDry was born from the ultimate basic beaches. For all living fearlessly, being outspoken, and confident in who you are DripDry embodies those in every piece they design.


How do you create swim wear for your audience?
DripDry was created off of the vision of creating a swimsuit that is unfiltered and allows you to be confident in your own style. DripDry is versatile for all whether you are going out, working out, or having a day on the water. I wanted to create something related to all types of people and a fit for all body types. When designing I realized many of the style tops I wore on all occasions were very similar and dressing it up with a body chain or pairing the top with a pair of leggings was the only difference. DripDry allows you to do it all in one. 

What’s the one thing that made you start your business? 
DripDry was created from experiencing and seeing hate  towards others who embrace who they are and wanted to create a line that embodied a confident and unfiltered lifestyle whether repping a basic style or dressing it up with our drip. I have always had a love for fashion and design, living in Los Angeles most of my days spent in the sun turn into nights or grabbing food or drinks with friends. Always wearing jewelry, I wanted to create something that allowed you to lay out but also feel cute when you paired it with jean shorts or even for a night out with the girls. It is a line that relates to all types of women and provides confidence to the sporty or sassy. 

How do you stand out from other swimwear companies ?
The biggest thing that sets DripDry apart is it is just not your basic swimsuit designs, I have created a new design and style that incorporates both jewelry and swim. The new styles allows you to attach and detach custom chains instead of outsourcing other body chains it is already in one. All our chains are custom coated which provides heat protection, long lasting and durability, while creating a trendy and versatile look that you can wear on many different occasions. 

What obstacles have you faced in this process ? 
One of the biggest obstacles I have faced in the process to be honest I would have to say is having patience. When designing my brand I did a lot of research and so the uncertainty whether I would get a patent on the design or not was a crazy wave of emotions and anticipation. The second biggest obstacle was finding the right team and manufacturers who shared the same vision. Starting DripDry from scratch it is really important to me that the fit and design is perfected. 

What’s your plan or ideal final outcome for your line ?
My vision is to become one of the top leading and innovative swimwear brands that introduces a new drip to the industry for both men and women. DripDry is all about providing the best quality and fit to bring out your inner badass while balling on a budget. Ideally, I would love to see both women and men repping our swimwear while on the beach or by the pool but also on a cute lunch date or even while hanging with friends on a day out. DripDry is not only a swimwear brand, we will be expanding into cover ups, loungewear, and beauty products. 

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