Alexa Bliss Speaks Out on Viral Video of Disrespectful Fan Behavior

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, has broken her silence in a recent viral video that showcased disrespectful fan behaviour. The wrestling star, known for her performances on the Raw brand under the ring name Alexa Bliss, revealed why she requested her release from the company.

Bliss took to Twitter to respond to a fan who shared an eBay listing for a signed Alexa Bliss Funko Pop, where the seller used a video of Bliss signing the item as proof of its authenticity. The fan expressed sadness that Bliss’s autographs were being sold for profit online. In response, Bliss shared her experience with fans who seek autographs solely for the purpose of selling them, stating, “We’re used to it, unfortunately – & these people really think we don’t know they sell it & get super offended if we say ‘no thank you.’ Ohhh the stories I could tell about being followed.”

Bliss posted a worrying response when a fan suggested that Bliss should only sign one item per person to prevent such exploitation. She wrote, “I have… but then they just come back with more people & more items. They’ll send their kids over, they’ll come up 2-3 times with the same item, they’ll wait at hotels, they’ll follow us to our cars. It’s never just one person or one item.”

Bliss’s candid revelation sheds light on the challenges and harassment wrestlers often face from fans seeking autographs for profit. Her decision to request her release from WWE may be a reflection of the toll that such invasive behaviour can take on a professional wrestler’s mental and emotional well-being.

As the disrespectful fan behavior video continues to circulate online, Bliss’s revelation has sparked a conversation about the need for better respect and boundaries between wrestlers and their fans. Many fans and fellow wrestlers have expressed support for Bliss, urging others to be respectful and considerate when seeking autographs from wrestling stars.

Bliss’s bold statement serves as a reminder that wrestlers are not just entertainers, but also human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. As the wrestling community continues to grapple with issues of fan behavior and harassment, Bliss’s brave decision to speak out may bring about positive changes and foster a safer and more respectful environment for all wrestlers in the industry.