Alicia Keys Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

Our favourite Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys started the month of love by being an undercover driver for the ridesharing company Lyft. Posing as Laura, Keys drove around Los Angeles, picking up passengers and striking light and casual conversations with them. Being the cool person that we all know she is, the passengers had such a relaxing time talking to her that they took ages to realize that it was actually Alicia Keys who was driving for them. She ended up giving heavy-handed hints by mentioning the singing competition The Voice, where she is a judge, saying she’ll be spending the holiday with her Grammys and quoting the lyrics of her famous song “Girl on Fire” whenever someone asked where she comes from.

Unsurprisingly, being an undercover driver didn’t stop the American singer-songwriter from driving around LA in style. Keys wore a loose red and black flannel shirt, a pair of chic baggy pants, a plain black hat to cover her cornrows and big sunglasses to hide her face. Here’s how you can mirror her cool style and give it your own personal flare.

To mimic Keys’ simple, all-black baseball cap, the navy-blue sustainable flag cap from Tom Jeans that showcases the brand’s iconic white and red logo is a good pick. When it comes to wearing a baseball cap, the most significant consideration would be the fit. So, make sure that the one you purchase feels snug on your head, so it won’t fall off, but at the same time not too tight to give you a headache or leave red marks and indentations on your forehead, and crease your hair.

As for Keys’ flannel shirt, this classic flannel shirt from Woman Within is a good choice as it is made in a tunic length that falls off the hips, making it perfect for tucking into your jeans to achieve this particular look. When picking out a flannel shirt, it is always best to stick to classic colours such as red, black, white, grey and brown. As for size, oversized ones usually go well with slightly fitted legwear such as skinny jeans and leggings. However, if you are wearing it with a pair of baggy trousers, like Keys did, go for a flannel that has it seams sit comfortably near the top of your shoulders and fit you just right.

Alicia Keys combined her red and black flannel shirt with a pair of baggy bow-tie jeans that have big pockets. The Shinjuku Jeans from Société Anonyme are a good pair that can help you recreate this look. Baggy pants are sometimes hard to pull-off especially for people who are skinny and petite, so to make sure that you don’t look like you’ve added a couple of pounds by wearing these jeans, try to balance them out with a fitted top that you can easily tuck in. Another way to make the whole baggy look work is by wearing statement sneakers that effectively upgrade your look by giving it a streetwear kind of vibe.

Alicia Keys’ collaboration with Lyft showcased just how chic and cool the artist is, inside and out. One of the passengers even shared a heartfelt moment with Keys and mentioned that whenever she uses her platform to say something positive, it positively impacts aspiring musicians, especially those who do not subscribe to the binary notion of gender. Want to learn about what your favourite celebrities have been up to? Do check out our Entertainment section for more stories about #TrendingPeople.