Amila Gamage, Singapore Mom Blogger wants to Spread Green Awareness

Amila Gamage, a Singapore based blogger wants to spread awareness about living green through her mom blog Diary of a New Mom. In a recent post which she published just before the New Year said that her New Year resolution is to become a green blogger in Singapore.   

She started writing her mom blog in 2015 when she was a stay at home mom for few years. During this time she found that her mom blog is the best space to share parenting information and her lifestyle with the kid. However it was just another mom blog. According to Amila Gamage, she wrote about anything and everything that suits for a blog post.

But, after she had conversation with Dr.Parvathy Subhadra, who is the Managing Director of Green In Future Pte ltd, she found her inner desire for living a green lifestyle.  When she checked her blog posts she found that there are blog posts which talk about going green, however her blog doesn’t talk about going green as a specific niche. She has started a recycling project in 2016 with her toddler creating this DIY Recycling bin at home. Since then she collected recyclable items with her toddler to join with the Tzu Chi Recycling Day. Other than that she has made several crafts with her kid using disposable items such as milk cartons and bottles.

She said she wants to raise a happy and healthy child who loves nature. She wants her child to grow with the ideas of saving the earth. With that idea in mind, she allowed her child to experience the nature while learning green concepts from his little age.

According to Amila Gamage; Singapore is a clean and green city where there are many opportunities to connect with the nature. And to recycle, repurpose and reuse!  Therefore she wants to use her blog space to create awareness about living a green lifestyle while helping to protect the earth.

We all know that there are many mom blogs around the blogosphere. From perfect moms, city moms, crafty moms, and foodie moms to travel moms, blogosphere is full of mom blogs. Among these blogs we hope Diary of a New Mom will stand out as a Green mom blog creating awareness about living green!