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A multi-author publication initiative by authors Rishabh and Vais

We had a chat with two young and dynamic authors from the city of Lucknow, India. Between just the two of them, we have diverse professions of novelist, lyricist, screenplay-writer, dramatist, poet, script doctor, photographer, cinematographer, musician, singer and much more. They are Rishabh Dubey and Vais Siddiqui. Rishabh and Vais have come out with […]

Grab a free copy of “Cancer As I Know It” by Author Sidharth Ghosh

Sidharth Ghosh, famously known as Flying Sidharth, is a Cancer coach, a transformer, a marathon runner, a biker, and an avid traveler. Since 2008, he has been a runner and has participated in several marathons post his cancer treatment. He has even been featured in Star Sports “Believe Me Story”, “YourStory”, and several other media […]

Three astronauts made their comeback from space amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Three astronauts, NASA’s Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan along with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka made their comeback amid the COVID -19 pandemic with a smaller welcoming crew to greet them. On Thursday afternoon, three astronauts on board the International Space Station loaded into a Russian Soyuz capsule and embarked on the more than three-hour journey […]

An efficient human side of business is the need of the hour

Let’s say we pick up a cup of coffee on the go – that is, some hot water mixed with an ounce of coffee powder served in a NON-BIODEGRADABLE PAPER CUP. Many corporate giants have lobbied their way to attain their government’s approval of the sale of paper-based cutlery. Attempts to make paper appear safer […]

World Top 5 Trending Bikini Models on Instagram

Here is the list of top 5 most trending bikini models on Instagram. You can look for some inspiration out here: No.5 GABBY EPSTEIN Australian influencer and bikini model, Gabby Epstein is at number 5. The 25-year-old is a famous lifestyle and travel blogger. Besides, she is also planning to invest in property and launching […]

Interview with Trending Iranian Martial Artist Reza Goodary

PLEASE, BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF. WHO IS REZA GOODARY, IN YOUR OWN WORDS? I’m Mohammadreza Goodary also known as Reza Goodary is a 31-year old Iranian Martial Artist. I was born in Tehran on 14th December 1988. I started martial arts at the age of 7th by Judo. And finally, I became interested in karate and […]

Dua Lipa soon to release her music album

Dua Lipa has announced from the comfort of her home that she is bringing the release date of her new album forward after it leaked online. She said in a tearful Instagram live, “Future Nostalgia will come out a week early, on Friday 27 March.” The Brit award-winner had mixed feelings about the release of […]