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Rolando Garcia

China is not ready to stand another Xi Jinping

Chinese authorities have banned Chinese President Xi Jinping’s lookalike from social media for ‘violating leader’s looks’. Liu Kequin, an opera singer in Berlin, had an account on Douyin, a Chinese social media app called similar to Tik Tok since 2019. His looks, especially his short hair and square face, made him resemble the Chinese President. […]

Portuguese Immunologist Maria de Sousa dies of Covid-19

Maria de Sousa, one of the first Portuguese to be internationally recognized for her scientific discoveries in the area of the immune system, died of Covid-19. Maria was 81 at the time of her death. She was admitted to Lisbon’s São José hospital, where she died of COVID -1 9.  The 81-year-old scientist played a […]

NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy loses mirror during maintenance spacewalk

During routine maintenance on the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy’s spacesuit broke off. According to reports, while Cassidy was swapping out a large battery pack that weighs 194 KGs (428 pounds) on the outside of the International Space Station, a small mirror that was attached to his spacesuit broke off and floated away. […]

Yoga Guru Ramdev launches Covid-19 Medicine – Coronil and Swasari

As India continues to witness a sharp rise in coronavirus cases every day, the search for medicine and vaccine against the virus has picked up the speed. Baba Ramdev the world-renowned Yoga Guru and founder of Ayurvedic consumer brand Patanjali on Tuesday has launched medicine ‘Coronil and Swasari’, for COVID-19. Baba Ramdev said at the […]

Sunil Chhetri has been appointed as brand ambassador of Twelfth Man

Sunil Chhetri has been appointed the official brand ambassador of Twelfth Man – a product of NxGn Sports Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Twelfth Man is India’s #1 fantasy football platform where users compete in a large variety of contests against other users for free or by paying entry fees. At present, Twelfth Man contests include DFS, […]

Kareem Elmashad’s 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Kareem Elmashad is an entrepreneur who innovated ‘I am Dubai’ App . (I am Dubai) is a social media agency & app innovated in Dubai, featured on Forbes Magazine. Starting a business is daunting for anyone. Its one of the scariest and riskiest professional experience, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. […]

Rohit Sharma becomes CricKingdom’s brand ambassador

India Vice-captain Rohit Sharma has become brand ambassador of Dubai-based coaching academy, named ‘CricKingdom’. Besides, Sharma is also being proposed to be a Director of the academy. The academy is set to facilitate coaching through its online platform after the global COVID-19 pandemic subsides. As per the plan, CricKingdom’s online platform “will be connecting student, […]

KCS Technologies decided to work on ZERO PROFIT and gift 100% of its profit

Every organization, be it small or large is trying to cope up with the Coronavirus crisis and some are there who are helping other organizations to tackle the situation. The lockdown period in several countries worldwide has been extended because of which organizations using traditional methods of business are not able to function. However, KCS […]

‘Covidiot’ influencers are facing bitter backlash for turning much-needed medical masks into BIKINIS in wasteful trend!

‘Covidiot’ influencers are slammed after they used much-needed face masks as bikinis, which named ‘quarankinis’. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many people have stocked up face masks to keep the virus at bay due to which many health workers around the world are left without essential protective equipment as a result. When so many healthcare workers […]