An efficient human side of business is the need of the hour

Let’s say we pick up a cup of coffee on the go – that is, some hot water mixed with an ounce of coffee powder served in a NON-BIODEGRADABLE PAPER CUP. Many corporate giants have lobbied their way to attain their government’s approval of the sale of paper-based cutlery. Attempts to make paper appear safer to the environment than plastic have led to a strong common belief that using paper products will not harm our surroundings.

Businesses like these take a heavy toll on our environment along with our future by distracting the consumers’ attention from the possible harness that their products can cause. Such firms are not only unethical but also potentially dangerous to our lives directly or indirectly.

Alternatively, companies that enjoy complete government support exacerbate public lives in numerous ways. For instance, in the last two decades, downsizing has become the greatest horror of corporate employees. In layman words, it is nothing but firing employees either to avoid losses predicted by the companies or to make way for multi-tasking technology.

Another major corporate evil that undermines public life is the tendency to extract more in exchange of meager pays. Companies look for a plethora of skills in employees and offer pitiful salaries in return, besides expecting them to work extra hours and overloading them with additional work. Thus, the fear of unemployment prompts the candidates to accept what comes in their plate.

In addition to these vices, businesses harness human lives and the environment in several other ways. Petitions for the welfare of employees and curbing the freedom given to corporate giants have been circulating globally. Not only the proletarian communities but also other classes are affected by the activities and tendencies of the bourgeois conglomerates. In a capitalist-oriented economy, most governments are found to be in excessive support of the local industries as well as inviting business from other countries in a bid to attract foreign investment.

In recent times, measures are being taken to generate fair job opportunities with decent salaries. On the other hand, many countries around the world have initiated serious scrutiny of businesses that affect the environment directly and the rights allowed to such companies are being curbed, thanks to the awareness generated by the global population. Such measures can bring back a sense of justice and balance in the society.

Thus, an efficient human side of business is the need of the hour.