Angelcreatives Released A Zany Alert Tone Titled “Hello Anthem” 

While the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate several countries worldwide, some businesses are committed to assisting humanity in any way they can. They are taking steps to raise awareness and help humankind. Here we are talking about a Boston-based Telehealth famous for its innovative Telehealth wellness products and solutions, Angelcreatives.

Angelcreatives has released a zany ringtone titled ‘Hello Anthem.’ ‘Hello Anthem’ is a greeting song with upbeat music that sends a message of well-being to the world. Through their newest ringtone, the music collective is gearing up to raise awareness about wellness with the sole objective to assist people in adopting mentally and physically healthy lifestyles. 

The moment you hear the ringtone, you start to feel happy and enthralled. The title track, ‘Hello Anthem,’ created in collaboration with renowned artist EkamiO, features some of the catchiest and enticing verses. The ringtone commences with a truly inspirational hymn of optimism and progresses into beguiling, upbeat music.

Angelcreatives is a music collective based in Boston, MA. They began making music in 2016 after being inspired to compose health-conscious songs by Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World.” The ringtone, titled ‘Hello Anthem,’ is based on Adele’s Grammy-winning song ‘Hello,’ and is part of the same-named EP. ‘Hello Anthem,’ along with another ringtone called ‘I’m Well,’ debuted on MTV in July 2020.

‘Hello Anthem’ is one of the most popular products of Angel Creatives. It’s more than just a song; it’s an alert tone ringtone designed to help people access Telehealth from their mobiles at any time to achieve lifelong wellness. Angel Creatives has launched a fantastic initiative to assist people in maintaining optimal health and living a higher quality of life.

‘Hello Anthem’ is now available across all the major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Visit Angelcreatives’ website for more information on their upcoming projects.