Apose, a luxury watch brand, receives a ” Website of the day ” Award

Apose, a luxury and french watch brand, receives a « Website of the day » Award from CSS Design Awards for its website redesign project. Created by Mars Rouge, a multi-disciplinary web design, marketing and branding agency in France, this award recognises design, creativity and innovation on the Apose website by the best web designers in the world.

Luxury watch website design inspiration : Apose

The luxury watch market is increasingly competitive as new players leverage on new designs and technology to compete with long-established brands. The more significant challenge is differentiating a watch from a pool of excellent products. So brands have turned to different strategies all aimed at communicating unique aspects of their products or brand.

Most aim to blend customer experience and shaping perspectives and attitudes towards the brand in general with every model building towards the overall brand image. A good example is the website of Apose. Apose creates for the French elegance lovers, a collection of pure, automatic, luxury, unique design watches, manufactured and assembled in France, exclusively sold online. The website of Apose provides a platform to reach the clientele and the design a way to differentiate this new french brand. With the help of the web agency Mars Rouge, based in France, Apose implements stunning luxury watch website design to differentiate the new french brand from the competition.

Despite producing stunning and high-quality products, many luxury businesses don’t invest in beautiful e-commerce websites. However, Apose understands how important an e-commerce website design is in 2021. 

A great website shows the world who you are, makes people remember you, and helps potential customers understand if they found what they were looking for. Websites communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements.

Website design showcases innovative watches brand

Upon landing on their homepage, users are greeted with intricate motion. A fluid, slow-moving video plays naturally in the background, displaying the products in detail with close-up shots. 

Motion isn’t just found on the landing page video on Apose’s website. Each scroll brings parallax-like scrolling effects. Text, images and accent boxes reverb in and out of the frame as users scroll throughout the homepage. 

These effects add an innovative touch the website design that compliments the innovation of the products while also drawing attention to important information. The hamburger menu and logo design are sticky as visitors scroll, ensuring navigation is user-friendly and easy.

Apose, a luxury watch brand, receives a « Website of the day » Award

The Apose website is a treasure for anyone who loves everything about luxury watches

Brands like Apose do not have a long heritage or vast networks of celebrities to use. However, Apose watches win when it comes to defining and targeting their market. The homepage alone lets you know this is a luxury brand even without saying it explicitly.

The homepage starts with a video showcasing a watch model of the brand. The captivating take pulls you into knowing more about the brand and the site uses varied high-quality content to deliver on this.

Continuous dark background

The dark background on the site is dense and immersive, which provides a contrast for the watch photos and the white and grey font colors. It makes the whole layout easy on the eyes as the pictures seem to be stepping or floating out in the shadows. The illuminating light animations around them creates an elegant and luxury feel different from what you would have got with another background.

The overall effect is that you are immersed and get a consistent feel and experience in the site. It cuts down on bounce rate, provides a premium feel and succeeds in keeping the visitor engaged throughout.

Apose website wins for the most engaging user experience

Luxury buyers expect a unique experience when shopping – and offering this is further testament to the prestige of the brand. Apose gets this right by providing an engaging and interactive experience 

to site visitors.

A minimalist design adds to the function with fast loading pages and no technical information junk to take away from the appeal of the watches. Clear and non-intrusive CTAs guide the visitor to the next step seamlessly further adding to the customer experience. 

More people see the important things, and it makes for a highly optimized site for conversions. It is also easier to achieve cohesion among the various website

The website navigation itself is innovative and almost game-like : full screen navigation

The cool thing about the navigation design in Apose is their expandable menu. It’s innovative while not being confusing. It occupies the entire screen and holds no visual distractions. 

Instead, users have straightforward groups of categories to the most important corners of the website. Apose’s website makes navigation a breeze straight from the homepage. 

This website navigation example is also simple in its structure – but its done beautifully. Made by a creative agency based in Mulhouse, France and called Mars Rouge, the Apose website is all about elegance and interactions.

The homepage itself works as an introduction to the brand, with a burger menu on the top right. The burger menu icon itself doesn’t have any interaction, but once users open the menu, it’s all about the interaction. The menu opens to take up the entire screen, with the 9 more important pages listed.

The Apose website communicates luxury in a completely different way – through its site layout and architecture. The information is arranged in a logical layup and spaces out well; it looks like a chart showing relationships between different elements. Everything is structured in sections that are organized intuitively, following a path any site visitor would naturally follow.

The entire Apose website design incorporates stunning effects that captivate the users, showcase luxury and promote the brand. The website, created by the agency Mars Rouge in Mulhouse, Alsace, is easy to navigate, loads quickly and is clear in its intention. 

A website from a not-unknown webagency

Mars Rouge is a digital marketing agency that specializes in custom website design services, was with Apose the recipient of a « Website of the day » Award from CSS Design Awards. The company, founded in 2012 by Julien Di Giusto, recently redesigned the website of Apose. Also known as CSSDA, CSS Design Awards is recognized as an international web design and development awards platform. It showcases and honors the work of different agencies, studios, and freelance designers who are not afraid to push the boundaries of usability, functionality, and creativity.

Apose recent website redesign project was judged in the areas of UI design (user interface), UX design (user experience), and innovation.