Apple’s AirTag Saves the Day for American Airlines Passenger

Apple AirTag, previously in the headlines for its potential misuse by stalkers and criminals, has made positive news after helping a passenger recover their lost wallet. An American Airlines passenger took to Twitter to share their story of how they were able to track their missing wallet using their AirTag after the airline’s search came up empty.

Despite being informed by American Airlines that the wallet could not be found, the passenger was able to track it down using their AirTag. The device revealed that the wallet was still on the plane and had travelled to 35 different cities.

The airline eventually replied to the passenger’s post, offering their apologies and asking for more information to assist in the recovery of the lost item.

In a similar instance, Air Canada passengers were able to recover their missing luggage, located on a different continent, through the use of AirTag last month. These cases showcase the useful and practical applications of the tracking device.