April Fool Day: Anthem Subreddit Change Into The Division 2 Forum for April Fools

Consistently, clueless internet users get pranked when April first moves around, and gamers aren’t avoided. This year, Anthem fans trolled their very own for the day, changing over the Anthem subreddit into a Division 2 forum rather for April Fools’ Day.

Examinations among Anthem and The Division 2 have been uncontrolled since the games were still being developed, and things haven’t changed much since they launched. While The Division 2 propelled to principally great surveys and has been viewed as a general improvement over its predecessor, Anthem has had an a lot bumpier discharge involvement. Maybe because of these consistent comparisons, the balance group at Reddit’s Anthem discussion coaxed their supporters by swapping out the banner image for The Division 2 as an April Fools’ Day joke.

Anthem‘s mediator team figured out how to trick its gathering of people, as a few supporters communicated disarray and even worry that the subreddit may have been hacked. After the joke became visible, The Division 2’s subreddit additionally got in on the fun, reacting in kind by changing their banner, title, and adding an interesting depiction to show that it is presently an Anthem subreddit.

Obviously, subreddit jokes are just a portion of the shenanigans that gamers and developers are getting up to this year. Pokemon GO is celebrating with its users being photobombed by Ash Ketchum. Google is additionally infrequently let well enough alone for April Fools’, and has launched a version of the classic Snake game within Google Maps.

Outside of game jokes, Corsair accepted the opportunity to make jokes about the PC gaming industry’s present state, as the PC gaming market cracks between Steam, Epic Games, Origin, and others. Corsair facetiously declared its very own launcher for for game launchers, which would allow players to unite all their games and friends across those game platforms into just one platform.

Not every person is on the April Fools’ fun, however. Microsoft restricted April Fools’ tricks in a reminder, expressing that there were to be no outward-facing pranks for the holiday tied directly to the publisher and developer.

With April first just barely beginning, gamers should keep their eyes open and their wits about them for pranks coming through the rest of the day.