ASTERIAN Astrologer, Jade Luna, the predictor of the pandemic, also predicted the Covid age would end by March 2023

It was just in 2021, in the peak of the deadly “Delta” period of the Pandemic that Jade Luna held strong to his prediction that the pandemic would become background news early 2023. He said the virus would be around for 20 years as Pluto ran his course through sidereal Capricorn but by March of 2023 the pandemic would loosen its grip on the planet. If you don’t know already, Jade Luna predicted this pandemic in “Entertainment Paper” (below) January 7th 2019, making him the only person to do so. Jade Luna’s predictions of the pandemic, riots in June 2020, record breaking fires, the peaks and valleys of the coronavirus, the record breaking floods in Iran and now as we can all see, his prediction of the coronavirus to lose its pandemic status this year is already on course.

So why don’t we know more about Jade Luna?

Jade Luna destroys everything you know about astrology from west to the east. Not a single country on earth is happy with Jade Luna. Jade Luna says Astrology originated in Mesopotamia and Egypt was engulfed and perfected by Greeks and spread throughout the ancient world by Alexander the Great. Luna goes as far to say that Alexander the Great handed India Vedic Astrology. That sentence annihilates everything we have been taught to believe. India believes they created astrology and the Greeks were supposed to be the inventors of Western Astrology. Jade says neither are true.

Jade says “Hipparchus” mastered sidereal Astrology and Alexander the Great’s priests learned Hipparchus astrology in Alexandria Egypt.” Jade Luna proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Egyptians and Greeks used sidereal astrology. The Ancient Greek kings put their astrology signs on coins dedicated to them, and the coin inscriptions were proven to be sidereal not tropical and Egypt was easy, sidereal astrology is written all over their temple walls. Luna says “people can use western astrology if they want but I am going with the Egyptians, Sumerians, Buddhists, Greeks and the Masters of India. Sidereal Astrology is the system of masters, tropical is for commercialism. There is a reason why Yogananda’s Guru “Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri” was so against tropical Astrology, not only does it not follow the stars he says, it only encompasses northern hemisphere seasons.”

Jade Luna also opened the conspiracy that the god father of western astrology “Ptolemy” dropped Hipparchus’s master teachings of Sidereal Astrology because he became Catholic, and went against divination later in his life and passed out a wrong system of astrology on purpose. His books later became the centerpiece of Western Astrology. Well, facts are that Ptolemy did convert to Catholicism later in his life.

Jades 2023 predictions are also already taking place, he predicted Nuclear fusion, weather disasters and Corona to become background noise. In Summer, Jade Luna will be making more predictions after the eclipses of May, as Luna uses eclipses to make world predictions. Find Jade Luna on Instagram @jadesolluna and website

Jade Luna’s original prediction 1/7/2019