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Athos Salome, a Brazilian, is compared to Baba Vanga

The Brazilian Paranormal Investigator, Athos Salome is seeing as the next Baba Vanga in today’s age.

Many people claim themselves as the Baba Vanga descendants. Still, the Brazilian Parapsychology expert Athos Salomé is being seen as the next Baba Vanga, as some of his predictions regarding the years after 2020 seem to be true.

During a Messenger text conversation with Christian religious Marcos Paula Viana in 2012, he registered about a fact that may have happened that would have been enough to affect people’s lives. His words were as follows:

“A universal change would affect everybody in the world – and things might get worse since that time. Athos took his words and which were taken accordingly.”

It seems this statement holds some truth to it, as the world has been plunged into destruction by the Covid19 Pandemic.

On the other hand, Vanga is credited with several predictions, many of which contradict each other. There are no published opinions that Vanga anticipated Stalin’s death, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant tragedy, or Boris Yeltsin’s win in the 1996 presidential elections.

Much like the resemblance in predicting future events with Baba vanga, a blind mystic who famously predicted the 9/11 incident and continued to predict future revelations, which came out to be accurate at the end, Athos Salome, the Brazilian, made another impressing prediction regarding Covid19’s variations.

On March 28th, 2021, he wrote this. Athos mailed it to two trustworthy individuals while encrypting it with a password. In this new release, Athos was notified about the variety of COVID and the need for special care in Africa – back then, no one knew about a potential interpretation of the virus, even in Africa – it’s impressive!

“The new COVID-19’s version will harm the earth horribly and will necessitate a lot of effort to deal with,” says Athos of the COVID.

This prediction from Athos got him famous among his fans as it came out to be true. Many variants, including the Delta variant and recently discovered Omicron variant are more transmissible and deadly than their early variant counterparts.

Aside from the epidemic, Athos foresaw the purported death of a member of the English Royal Court. Since October 2021, this has not occurred. It was revealed that Crown Queen Elizabeth II was becoming ill and that the court was already preparing internal protocols for her death and Charles’ coronation. It also indicated some potential terrorist consequences.

As indicated from the above paragraph, Athos Salomé indeed does have his parapsychology skills under his belt. He has also predicted the events in the upcoming years of 2023,2024, and 2026, which are the worst years a world would witness as humans will be the villains in their own story.

Massive plots, suffering, crimes, innocent deaths, innocent people being accused and judged, paying a great price due to others’ imprudence and malice will be exacerbated.

These predictions made by Athos are identical to what Baba Vanga has predicted for the year 2021. Although, those didn’t come out to be accurate as it’s almost 2022, and we haven’t found the cure of cancer predicted by Vanga in the year 2021. But this does confirm that the supernatural exists, giving humanity more decision-making authority.

Rolando Garcia

Rolando Garcia has been a technology writer for the last 15 years and has worked with world-leading technology brands on countless tech writing projects. He is a graduate from The University of Sydney with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

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