Attorneys with Swag’s Latest Single “RED and BLUE” Depicts the Unequal Treatment Towards People of Color in America

Attorneys with Swag has recently released their latest single, titled “RED and BLUE,” a song with beautiful lyricism, powerful synth track, and stunning tones of the piano. Attorneys with Swag is an NYC-based group of practicing attorneys, Eugene Toussaint and Everett K. Hopkins, running their talk show “Attorneys with Swag.” When the duo isn’t filming their talk show, they’re in the studio working on music with the help of Garfield Anthony.

“RED and BLUE” is a very contemplative song depicting the unequal treatment of black people when confronted by police in America. 

Attorneys with Swag is a group of young, spirited minority attorneys and educators with a single goal: to educate the public about the law. Through their music and web series “Attorneys with Swag,” they not only educate and empower the diverse communities of color in which they live, but they also have fun and entertainment. 

Formed in the year 2019, Attorneys with Swag has an old-school hip-hop vibe similar to Public Enemy or the Wu-Tang Clan, encompassing the same issues addressed by these hip hop groups but with a more erudite and modern step-by-step approach to dealing with today’s law. Their supreme objective is to empower the general public about the law while keeping it as authentic as possible.

“RED and BLUE” is produced by Garfield Anthony Music and directed by Bonzo Grimley. In great opposition to their debut single, with “RED AND BLUE,” Attorneys with Swag goes over the top to illustrate their boldness and the reality around us.

While speaking about their music, Attorneys with Swag commented: “Our sole mission is to empower the masses with an understanding of the law. So we hope that people can be entertained and educated at the same time when watching our show and listening to our music.”

“RED and BLUE” is now available on Spotify, YouTube and all other major platforms. To know more about Attorneys with Swag don’t forget to follow them on Instagram: @attorneyswithswag, Twitter @AttorneysWSwag and @attorneyswithswag