AZA releases new single, “Taking Off”

AZA continues to build his brand of mindfulness hip-hop with the release of his new single, “Taking Off”. Mindfulness is all about brining attention to the present moment and AZA’s words and musicality offer listeners an opportunity to reflect on life and their place in it. 

This innovative and introspective song tells the story of breaking out of the system – to let go of the distractions that do not truly matter. This song offers a unique blend of electronic beats and instrumentals rooted in AZA’s deep Trinidadian heritage and his experience with music of the African Diaspora. 

The deep lyrics evokes true feelings of emotion and inspiration. The lyric, ‘We get just one chance to be who we are, f*** what they talk about, reach for your stars” presents a powerful message to listeners to rethink how they live their lives and to pursue the path of true happiness. 

We are constantly challenged by the monotony of life and by looking within ourselves and focusing on the things that actually fulfil us, only then can we achieve greatness. “Taking Off” serves to liberate the notion of conformity, that for the success of our future it is imperative we not be satisfied with the status quo. This song is for the free thinkers – empowering them with the belief that they are capable of achieving greatness. It is a heartfelt track that showcases real emotion and offers peace in these most trying times. 

On his journey with music, AZA said, “Our brand is at the intersection of music, science, and community building. We are combining music and mindfulness to break out of the norm and achieve healing.”

About AZA: AZA is a first-generation American who grew up in Trinidad before moving to United States, settling in different states on the east coast. He has extensive formal education and training in music – with a strong focus on Jazz. He attended North Carolina Central University for college and was later accepted into the Harvard/MIT MD PhD program. Through his music, AZA was awarded MIT’s Emerson Scholarship to survey at Berklee Collee of Music. 

AZA would later establish Renaissance Entertainment LLC, as one of its co-founders. Through this company, AZA hopes to build and promote a culture of wellness in the community. He believes that music, mindfulness and science are crucial to carving a path to a fulfilled and successful life and incorporates these aspects as tools to encourage empathy, social justice, heath, equity, and wellness. 

Stream “Taking Off” HERE