Back on the scene like he never left 4040Wallace levels up Big Time with a Workout anthem “BIG FLEX”

When it comes to expanding the lyrical and musical boundaries of rap music, no one does it better than 4040Wallace — A lyrically gifted hip-hop artist and Entrepreneur hailing from Montreal, Quebec Canada. He took a deserved break from releasing music after being a father and now he is back rejuvenated to continue making stamps in the hip-hop industry which is his favorite playground. He borrows from a diverse genre of sounds and fashion an all-encompassing sound that is overflowing with dynamism and mystical energy made even more hypnotic with his cut-throat lyricism delivered in his powerful emotion-filled vocal performance. He radiates raw passion through the atmospheric instrumentations and gives listeners something to meditate about with his deep and thought-provoking lyricism that borrows a leaf from everyday life experiences and sensitive subjects that touch on growing up in the inner cities filled with disadvantaged groups in Canada and across the world. 

Taking center stage in his usual exacting and infectious energy, he delivers a cliff- hanger type of dynamic scene with his latest single “Big Flex”. The start makes a dramatic entry with the splendid wave of the heavy keyboard touch that stuns and serves as the perfect welcoming party melody with the sumptuous heavy bass accompanying it like the best man at a wedding. All this joyous splendor is soon made to atone for its existence as 4040Wallace takes his place in the atmospherically heavy-bass and exploding hip-hop fantasy in lyrical fashion, making true to his claim as a lyrical god with the way he delivers leaving nothing to waste, his powerful and resonant rap voice doing the talking and demanding major attention while at it.

The catchy and exquisite heavy hooks are a delightful capstone to the track, making it a memorable tune and sing-along to the workout anthem. There is an abundance of sound and style on display with the integration of the singing mellifluous male vocals before the end of the track that is the perfect proverbial icing on this excessively delicious cake. 4040Wallace deserves so much credit for pulling up a track that is embellished with diversity and versatility in both styles and flair and it is a track that can resonate with fans across the board without discriminating. This is the deservedly mark of an emerging virtuoso and it won’t be long before the whole of the music industry realizes what a prodigious artist he is, primed to meteorically rise to genuine superstardom! Stream this track below, save and favorite it, share it, and check out more from his surprisingly impressive catalog.  

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