Becoming a Millionaire is Everyone’s Dream

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? If someone says he or she doesn’t want to be a millionaire, that person is either fool or came from a different planet. Yes, there are some people who have chosen the spiritual world above the material world. We are not talking about those people. We are talking about average people who has a day job and working hard to make an honest living. Ask anyone who has a nine to five job whether that person wants to be a millionaire or not. If they say they LOVE their nine to five job and do not wish to become a millionaire, that person belongs to mental institute. Infact, even kinds these days want to be a millionaire and they are finding out how to become a millionaire by 30. They want to get rich at young age so that they can enjoy their life. These are actually serious people who can make it to a millionaire. 

So how do you really become a millionaire?

That is a good question. You must be wondering whether you need serious cash to invest in a business. While this can be a way to get to be a millionaire, you do not really need a whole lot of money to get there. In fact, there are ton of successful people who made it to be a millionaire at a very young age starting from nothing. If they can do it, you can do it also. 

How to do it and get rich? There are several methods you can utilize to do it. One proven method to make a million dollar is from blogging. You must know that there are successful bloggers who have millions of visitors to their blogs. These bloggers do not just write a blog for the goodness of their heart, they actually blog to cash out on the blog visitors. 

Let’s do the math. Say a finance blog that has one million visitors a month. These people come to the blog to read about how to manage their personal finances and how to break free from debt. Some like to learn how to buy a home and build equity. Some like to learn how to finance a car or a boat. Some come to learn about saving money for college education for their kids. 

Whatever reason these visitors come to read the blog; they all have one thing in common. All of them like to be better at their personal finances and want to save money. If the blog has link to low interest car loan or mortgage, various mutual funds, saving accounts, mortgage refinance, car insurance or home insurance, etc., it is no brainer that some of the readers will take advantage of those offers. And when the blog readers buy something using the link from the blog, bogger earns a hefty commission for that sell. If you have one million visitors a month and only 1,0 people end up buying something or even sign up for some free offers, blogger can make $10,000 plus in affiliate commission. 

Surprised? Don’t be. Because some of those finance related sales can result in really high commission ranging from $100 per sale to $1.000 or more per sale. 

Make money from your blog

In the above scenario, you can easily see how bloggers can make money. Idea is to select a high paying niche that pays really high commission. To learn in greater details, read this post on how do bloggers make money