Benefits Of The Outdoors to Get Some Air

Taking more time to spend outdoors can offer many benefits to anyone. This is why it’s recommended to spend sufficient time outdoors. Not only does it present more opportunities to be physically active, but it can also help to minimize stress levels and more. While outdoors, you gain exposure to natural sunlight. While too much exposure to UV rays can be harmful, this can be prevented with the proper use of sunscreen. You can also protect your skin from harmful exposure to UV rays by wearing protective clothing and by spending more time in the shade.

It has been proven that gardening helps depression it is a great hobby to take up. The nature of gardening gives you a focus. It promotes mindfulness and gets you outdoors so the benefits are numerous.

Better yet, spending more time outdoors can help to ensure you get adequate vitamin D production. Unfortunately, it’s a vitamin that our body cannot produce on its own. Likewise, it’s nearly impossible to get enough from diet alone. Because of this, you need to get sufficient exposure to vitamin D. By not getting enough exposure to the sun, you risk having low vitamin D levels. This can cause you to have heightened risk factors for developing various diseases. The total amount of vitamin D someone can produce depends on many different variables including their skin tone, weather conditions, geographic location, and more.

While you need to spend more time outdoors to get adequate vitamin D production, you can get some through diet too. Some of the most common sources for vitamin D through diet include fish, fortified cereal, fortified juices, eggs, and other dairy products. The skin can only produce so much vitamin D at once. Once you’ve spent enough time in the sun to produce the vitamin D levels for your body, it won’t continue to produce more. However, by spending more and more time in the sun with direct exposure to harmful UV rays, you can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. A good way to get more vitamin D in your body without overexposing yourself to the sun is by taking vitamin D supplements.