Best Way To Convert Cookbook Into Kindle Format

Are you a food lover with some top-notch recipes? Anyone fond of eating would have at least once thought of making a full notebook containing all his/her favourite recipes. Well, in case you have made the cookbook, we will assist you in making it official. Ebookifi is here to help. Creating a cookbook is one daunting task, and making it official is another. It would be best if you designed it in a modern and professional way for readers to pay attention to it. And here many people make a mistake. They don’t know how to launch their cookbook professionally on professional websites like Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook store.

Best way:
So leading to the problem, our sincere advice is that you must hire a professional formatter for your cookbook because formatting on Kindle is minimal and is trickier than creating a novel. The cookbook needs pictures, formats styles, tables and many more to acquire its perfect look. This look is hard to obtain on Kindle.

Why need to hire Professional Formatters for Cookbooks?
As we said earlier, Kindle is no easy task. There are a lot of points that must be kept in mind when formatting on Kindle. For best results, you must create the base files as a web developer using HTML instead of copying from MS Word. But in case you have no understanding of web development or HTML, you need to take help from professional service providers, like Ebookifi. It might cost you little money, but it will all be worth it.

Interior Design and Style:
Kindle has minimal options (for a cookbook) for instance:

  • no spacing between paragraphs
  • black and white photos
  • each ingredient line with hard paragraph returns and its line
  • one default font
  • built-in headers
  • automated first line indent

So you see, it is already overwhelming. And in case you do anything wrong, all your work goes into vain. For kindle formatting, all recipes should be in format style of a printed document, and it should need to be coded as HTML or CSS format to retain its form.

Avoid automated conversion or online conversion for cookbooks:
It would help if you avoided it because it can create a messy output. Kindle has set some rules to abide by and automated, or online converters cannot ensure perfect formatting. It can make it worse.

New Kindle Software:
Kindle has launched Kindle Fire HD that reads Kindle files differently on other devices; therefore, you have to format your cookbook keeping in mind every version. If your cookbook has any issue, Kindle will ask you to re-format it, and you will have to go over the entire process again to find where the problem exists. And it takes up most of your time when you writing and marketing for your cookbook needs more of your time. 

Thus, a professional team like Ebookifi – can help you relax and focus on other tasks while it takes care of the technical matters.