BIG LEX “Carolina’s Princess” Drops March on March 23

Hailing from none other than South Carolina, Big Lex is releasing her debut album with the self-proclaimed title as “Carolina’s Princess”. The album features none other than Neekobaby and DJ Chose to name a few. Upon getting to know her, she has a larger than life personality that can light up any room. She inspires everyone because she loves herself and is comfortable in her skin. Her followers and fans can learn a lot from her by listening to her music. If anyone deserves this new found fame it’s her. We have the pleasure of speaking to her today and getting to know her on a personal level.

Hi Big Lex & Welcome To Blackbird News:

Tell us about your journey with music?
“ I’ve been making music since I was a child !” I can feel the rhythm & beats in my body running through my blood! Really listening to the beat helps me vibe & create a story!

Tell us what is happening in your career right now? What are you working on?
“My new project “ “Carolina Princess “ is very close to me! I’m really speaking for & from my city! Coming from South Carolina I don’t think people understand how Versatile & elite we are! “Carolina Princess “ will put the Carolinas on the map! Every song will definitely grab your attention! So much Fierce energy you can’t help but respect it!

What is your best advice? What can people take away from your message?
“I hope they take away this, that no matter what you have to say how you feel. Be yourself & love your sound someone will catch your vibe!

Why do you love to make music?
“Music helps me feel free! Mind, body & soul! Music helps me feel emotionally! Music can really determine your mindset. Music gives me an opportunity to be heard, Music loves you without knowing you!

What is coming up for BIG LEX?
“What’s next? The take over! Everybody has there time & it’s my turn! I want to take this generation to the next level! I want to be so much more so I’m able to do so much more! Music will make memories, and I’ll always remember where I started! Idk where it’ll end but it’s up from here!

We are excited to hear about her new project “ Carolina Princess”! You can find more about Big Lex: @iambig_lex