Birth Сhart is a new tool for self-knowledge in Moonly App

Moonly, a mindfulness app with 5M+ users that combines spiritual practices and the Moon calendar, has launched a new tool for self-development and self-improvement. Starting today, every Moonly user can make an individual calculation of the Birth Chart within the app.This can help the user to learn more about themselves and find out more about their strengths and the qualities that potentially need to be worked on.

“Moonly sees its mission as helping people,” says Moonly founder Olga Ramora. “Our goal is for people to become more conscious, to get to know themselves better, to love and accept themselves in their uniqueness. We want to help them by giving them tools for self-development and self-improvement. And the Birth Chart is the most powerful tool for this. We always understood its value and significance, and we dreamed of implementing it in the app so that each user would have the opportunity to get a general reading that includes the most important components of their birth chart.”

To get a personal calculation of the Birth Chart, the user needs to enter the date, time, and place of birth in the app. The more accurate the data, the better. All information remains confidential and is never shared with third-party apps and services. Just a tap and the Birth Chart will be calculated. After that, the user will receive their own chart in a beautiful, understandable form, divided into sections, with explanations and recommendations.

“We are working with a service that provides us with accurate Vedic astrology calculations. Based on it, we created Birth Charts and introduced our own algorithms, which we came up with based on astrology training, as well as consultations from an experienced practicing astrologer,” says Olga Ramora. “Any new feature in Moonly is created by the team from scratch and only through their personal experience. We are always consulting and learning from the best.”

The new feature also provides answers to questions regarding in which area to look for your true calling, in what areas you will succeed and prosper, and how to find your personal path to happiness. Thanks to a beautiful and intuitive design, it will be easier for the user to structure information.

Personal Birth Chart will be kept for the user in the app and will be available for review an unlimited number of times.

Cost: the cost of one Birth Chart calculation is $19,99, and it can be purchased both by a user with a Moonly Plus subscription and without. The new feature is currently only available on iOS but soon will be available on Android too.

Download Moonly app: iOS and Android