Booker T comments on Shasha Banks return in WWE

Sasha Banks on Monday stunned everybody by making a surprise return to Raw, ending a four-month interlude which allegedly started over creative frustrations. 

And Banks once again could made an immediate impact.

It’s Boss Time, indeed.

The legendary Booker T took to his The Hall of Fame Podcast this week and discussed about Sasha Banks’ return to RAW. 

Booker said, “I was just thinking about Sasha Banks when I was home earlier and was thinking about how she has been gone for quite a while, and you know what we say, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ That is just the way it is in professional wrestling. If you stay home for too long, people will forget all about you. The thing is, they’ll move on; they’ll move on quick.”

Booker continued, “I was wondering if it was something business-wise or was it something personal? We look at our girl Kylie Rae who put in so much time here in Reality of Wrestling, then got her shot at AEW, and then all of a sudden, went missing in action. I’ll tell you man, the pressure is unbelievable being out there. The pressure of being on the road constantly. The pressure of having to go out and compete on a weekly, nightly basis without getting rest. You know you are hurt and banged up but you still have to go out there and perform because if you don’t go out there and perform, someone else will. And it’s always about whether or not they will lose their spot and a lot of people think that way.”

Jyotsnaa Sharrma

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