Brand.Education Poll shows 57.9% People Trust Republic TV 

The coronavirus outbreak seems to have taken sidetrack ever since Arnab Goswami took a dig at Maharashtra Government and its recent actions. It is now Arnab Goswami Vs. Maharashtra Government. However, this is not it. Recently, Mumbai Police accused Republic TV, which is owned by Arnab, of fake TRP. Param Bir Singh tried everything to tarnish the channel; however, Maharashtra Govt. admitted that Republic Network was not in TRP FIR. After which Arnab has sued Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh for 200cr as damages.

Param Bir Singh left no stone unturned to sully the name of the Republic on the basis of vindictiveness instead of evidence. Mumbai Police Commissioner’s lie-ridden campaign against Republic Media Network got flop the moment Maharashtra Government admitted that the channel’s name was not on the list.

In a statement, Arnab said, “The courts of law in this country have always upheld justice and the purity of the truth, and we are grateful to them for upholding the rights of the fourth pillar of democracy amidst this political witch hunt against India’s Number 1 News Network.”

He further added, “As the truth is finally acknowledged by those who tried to conceal it and as we take Param Bir Singh to court, we are eternally indebted to the people of India who have stood by us and joined us in this fight at every step. Republic will never bow down to coercive attempts to muzzle the media’s voice, no matter the pressures at play. Republic will remain fierce and fearless in its pursuit of the truth, with the people of India standing strongly with us.”

Recently Brand.Education, conducted a Twitter poll in which 57.9% of people supported Arnab Goswami. Brand.Education is a one-of-its-kind platform where the latest news, trends, polls, interviews, and opinions about the brands are brought TO CONSUMERS from across the globe.