Bri Teresi Models New Bikini Collection at Mar-A-Lago

Bri Teresi is one of the most trending personalities in the world of golf influencer modeling. Known for sharing videos and photos of herself swinging her club in stylish outfits, Teresi has made a name for herself on social media. Her latest venture involved modeling a new bikini collection from Colleen Kelly, which she showcased at none other than Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago.

Teresi’s Instagram following has skyrocketed to over 1.4 million, with her stylish golf videos and photos becoming increasingly popular. Her latest venture saw her take to the greens at Mar-A-Lago to model the new bikini collection from Colleen Kelly.

While Teresi may be known for her golf content, she is equally at home in a bikini. Her latest photoshoot showcased her toned figure and stylish designs, with her followers quick to praise her appearance. And it seems that no one is complaining about the shift from golf to swimwear – Teresi is quickly becoming a famous influencer in the golfing community.

Image Credit: @briteresi

In fact, Teresi is following in the footsteps of Paige Spiranac, another popular golf influencer who has been making headlines recently. Spiranac is known for her stylish golf outfits and has been praised for making golf more attractive to a wider audience. Both Teresi and Spiranac are helping to break down the stereotype of golf as a stuffy, old-fashioned sport.

While Teresi may be trailing Spiranac in the race to become the best golf influencer, she is certainly making a name for herself. Her latest photoshoot showcased her stylish designs and beautiful figure, while her evening at Mar-A-Lago added a touch of glamour to her already impressive social media presence.

It seems that Teresi is set to continue her rise in the world of golf influencer modeling, with her unique combination of style, beauty, and athleticism winning over fans and followers alike. Whether on the golf course or in a bikini, Teresi is proving that she has what it takes to become a true influencer in the world of sports and fashion.