Bridging the Gap Between Passion and Purpose: How J.R. Tilman Is Redefining Modern literature for Teens

From Supernatural Fiction to Guided Journals, the Self-Published Author Is Cultivating Lasting Change 

They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. While this may sound cliche, no one understands the value behind this challenge like the author, life coach, and motivational speaker J.R.Tilman. From humble beginnings growing up in the small state of Ohio, to overcoming trials and tribulations to push her to her limits, the 22-year old author has taken fused passion and purpose to guide women and teens in a path of empowerment and self-discovery in her upcoming guided journal Get a Grip, Will Ya’ You Matter, releasing August 10th.

Viewed as a servant to her audience, J.R. Tilman’s goal is to help others push their limits, get out of their comfort zone, and find their path and own purpose. Catering to women and teens, J.R.’s dynamic talent spreads into various genres to reach her target audience. Currently seeking a publisher for the first book in her supernatural fiction novel series, Incursion: Thin Lines Between Love and War,  Tilman tactfully teaches valuable life lessons in an easily digested format to reach teens where they’re at. 

In 2021, it is a challenging time to be a teenager. From social media, influencer culture, a global pandemic, and everything in between, struggling with a sense of self and peer pressure is at an all-time high amongst American teens. J.R. Tilman seeks to act as a big sister to help guide and support teens as opposed to parental authority. Tilman understands the struggles at hand; school troubles, dead-end jobs, family issues, and a sense of being lost, and she has learned how the mind holds the secret to curating success and true happiness.

“I wrote my book: ‘Incursion; Thin Lines Between Love and War’ because I wanted to share my story with the world of all the trials and tribulations I faced coming up mixed with entertainment. I also wanted to create an escape zone for die hard Supernatural fiction fans like myself, and teach life lessons to my audience as they learn from the decisions I’ve had to live with as well. I wrote my Self-Help/Women empowerment journal: “Get a grip will ya’ You Matter” to share my story. I love to teach lessons in anything that I write. I want to guide both young and old women to dig into the depths of their inner thoughts and discover their true worth.”

Eager to encourage others through both fiction and non-fiction literature, Tilman’s message of “you can do it” is creating a movement of change in a world at odds. Through proof of concept, dedication to her craft, and unwavering commitment to cultivating meaningful change; J.R. Tilman’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as she prepares for the release of the Get a Grip, Will Ya’ You Matter Journal come August 10th, available for pre-order July 28th. 


J.R. Tilman is a self-published author, life coach, and motivational speaker based in Toledo, Ohio. Her goal is to inspire, empower, and encourage her following, especially teens, to understanding the way their minds work and shift their mindset to focus on self-worth and emotional intelligence. Driven by a passion for leadership, Tilman is determined to help cultivate unity and understanding in society, instead of competition and hostility. Tilman is presently a self-published author actively exploring publishing offers for the first book in her supernatural fiction series, Incursion: Thin Lines Between Love and War; as well as her guided journal, Get a Grip, Will Ya’ You Matter. 

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