Buying A Used Smartphone? Consider These Helpful Tips!

If you’re ready to buy a new smartphone, why not save some money and choose an environmentally responsible option? Used phones not only offer the flexibility of choosing your own contract, but they allow you to upgrade to features you couldn’t otherwise afford. Check the surplus database for great deals on used smartphones. Before you invest in a second hand phone, consider the advice below!

Know The Features You Want

When shopping for a smartphone, it is important to consider the features that are desirable to you. The Internet can offer some great perspective on which phone models may meet your requirements. Always pay attention to the in depth specs such as the screen size, RAM, operating system, Wi-Fi capabilities and the camera quality. Knowing the models you like can help you narrow down your search for a second hand smartphone.

Research The Phone’s Past

Many secondhand phone retailers are trustworthy, but for every honest company, you may run across unscrupulous sellers. It is not uncommon to accidentally purchase a lost or stolen phone, which is why due diligence is so important. Make sure to review the phone’s complete records and check to ensure the IMEI hasn’t been blacklisted. Any phone that has been blacklisted can’t be activated and will prove a useless investment.

It is also wise to do your homework and consider the company you’re looking to purchase from. Are there any testimonials? If so, are the majority positive or negative reviews? An honest second hand phone dealer can also offer assurance that their products are not stolen or blacklisted in any way.

Consider The Screen Condition

One of the most important aspects of using a smartphone is ensuring that the screen is in good condition without any type of damage. This means you should also double check for signs that the phone may have been dropped, scratched or cracked at any point. It isn’t as uncommon as you may think to come across a great deal only to discover that the screen glitches or has pixel problems. These are all telltale signs that no matter how solid a deal is, you should shop elsewhere.

Check The Battery Life

It is a fact that any smartphone over a year old will usually start to lose its battery capacity over time. When shopping for used or refurbished phones, make sure that your phone’s battery capacity is still usable. In most cases, phones downgrade to about an 80 percent charge after a couple of years of use.

Is The Phone Locked Or Unlocked?

Any time you’re looking to purchase a used phone, opt for an unlocked phone if possible. This ensures that you can use the phone on virtually any provider’s network without being forced to change your preferred provider. Locked phones limit your ability to choose the network you want, which may not always feel like a dealbreaker, but it is worth keeping in mind.

Is There A Warranty?

Whether new or used, trustworthy sellers do provide a limited warranty with their smartphones. It is important to know that your phone is covered for a reasonable amount of time. Usually, a one year warranty is customary for refurbished or used electronics. Always double check, however, what this warranty actually covers.

Get Acquainted With The Return Policy

There’s nothing worse than feeling excited about your new phone only to discover that it isn’t working or performing up to your standards. A good seller will always stand behind their products and have you covered in case any problems should arise. It is accepted as the norm to have a solid 7 day return policy where you can return your phone without penalty. This ensures that you have the necessary time it takes to discover a phone’s flaws or problems that may otherwise get overlooked. Before committing to your purchase, always ask about a company’s return policy because it does tell you a lot about their work ethic and whether you can trust them.