Charlotte Flair Secures SmackDown Women’s Title with Victory Over Sonya Deville

The reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair successfully defended her title against Sonya Deville in the latest episode of the blue brand’s show. In the lead-up to the match, Deville had been pressuring Flair and WWE official Adam Pearce for a shot at the championship.

Before their showdown, Flair was interviewed backstage and expressed confidence in her victory due to the match taking place in her hometown of Carolina. However, Deville approached Flair before the match and warned her that she would be leaving as the new champion.

When the match began, the two women immediately engaged in a fierce battle. Flair took control initially, but Deville quickly retaliated by pulling Flair down by the hair. After a commercial break, Deville delivered a boot to Flair’s jaw from the middle rope, putting on a strong offensive display. Despite her efforts, Deville was unable to secure the win.

Flair brought Deville into the corner and climbed to the top rope, attempting a moonsault. However, Deville was able to defend herself by getting her knees up. Flair then locked in her signature Figure Eight hold, forcing Deville to tap out and secure her victory as the SmackDown Women’s Champion.