Charlotte Morris Gets Real With New Single “Good Kind Of Hurt”

Americana singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris recently released her new single “Good Kind of Hurt.” You can listen to the song HERE!

After watching a close veteran family member struggle with alcoholism, Charlotte was inspired to write this song. Too often, those who served their country, and are now struggling with a myriad of mental health issues, are forgotten and left behind. 

With poignant lyrics like you claim that you can stop at any time, it’s just the way you blow off steam, unwind, “Good Kind of Hurt” foreshadows a message many listeners will connect with.

“I’m hoping that this song can bring more awareness to, and spark more conversation around, the mental illness that is addiction, as well as its close ties to PTSD and our veterans,” Charlotte explains. “All of my music is super personal and autobiographical, and Good Kind of Hurt is no exception. If my song can help at least one person seek help for themselves or their loved ones, it will be a success in my eyes.”

Charlotte will also release a music video for “Good Kind of Hurt” later this summer.

Gargie Sharrma

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